Lorenzo Marques and Luanda

Aquatic sports thrived in the former Portuguese colonies - with some minor contact with South Africa taking place, as it was a regular holiday destination for many Transvaalers. The 50m pool at the Grand Hotel in Beira was a great attraction, while it existed. South African and Rhodesian team visited Mozambique, and perhaps Angola, while their competitors also traveled to South Africa. Below is a photo of the Wits University swimming team competing against the de Sportivo Club in Lorenzo Marques - believed to be from 1949. The reports below that are from another tour - in 1959.

Grand Hotel, Beira - circa 1965

Unfortunately it failed to survive the revolution

In Lorenzo Marques- now Maputo - the Cub de Sportivo and the Coimbra Clubs had fantastic pools, with the Club Nautico in the harbour being particularly beautiful - and survives today!

Club de Nautico - Maputo 2013

Club de Sportivo 1970

lessons at the club 1950

John Godinho -1959 diving champion

starting action at the club de Sportivo

Coimbra Club

1976 Olympian António Botelho at the Coimbra pool

Meanwhile in the Angolan capital of Luanda, swimming was thriving - and still is today.


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