Eastern Province ASA

The Eastern Province ASA was founded sometime before the time that the South African Amateur Swimming Union was founded at Port Elizabeth in 1898. The main centres of the province were Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage, and Redhouse - on the Swartkops river. The main facilities of the province include the 1937 built 50 yard St Georges baths - venue for the 1954 nationals  - and a 50m pool in Newton Park, built to replace the earlier McArthurs Baths sea water pool at Kings Beach, while Uitenhage boasts a 50m municipal pool. The Newton Park pool was the venue for nationals in 1972, 1979 and 198.

Eastern Province Colours badge - awarded to swimmers who won medals at nationals


EPASA Presidents   Springboks  

1900 William Fiddian-Green          
1919 – 1922 CD Clear   1939 Peter Elliot  
1923 WE Clift   1948 Geoff Mandy diving
1924 L Smith   1952 Willie Welgemoed  
1925 – 1926 W Rice   1959 Derek Staples water polo
1927 R Ward   1962 Geoff Grylls  
1928 – 1931 W Rice   1964 Neil Oldridge  
1932 – 1940 GM Braans   1964 Jon Reen    
1941 – 1945 G Inge   1967 Brian Elliot  
1945 – 1952 JJ Glendenning     Peter Defferary diving
1952 – 1953 FWA Knight     John Pemberthy diving
1953 – 1954 JJ Glendenning   1976 Barry Birkett  
1954 – 1965 HF Basford   1978 Kobus Scheepers  
1965 – 1966 H Hammond   1979 Andre Kotze  
1966 – 1968 LG Burrell   1979 Andy Will   diving
1968 – 1969 M Cones     Debbie Vaughn diving
1968 – 1972 H Henderson   1982 Craig Vaughn diving
1972 – 1975 A Boliter     Trevor Vaughn diving
1975 – 1979 Don Edge   1987 Peter Williams  
1979 – 1982 A Boliter          
1982 – 1983 Colin Hurter   Swimmer of the Year    
1983 – 1984 A Boliter   1969 Brian Elliot  
1984 – 1989 Don Edge   1970 Sally Henderson  
1989 – 1992 M Seach   1971 Derek Elliot  
1992 – 1995 R Harris   1972 Richard Coomer  
1995 – 1998 Lorraine Deasy   1973 Bimbie Slabbert  
1999 – 2001 D Stark   1974 Bimbie Slabbert  
2001 – 2003 G Adams   1975 Andre Kotze  
2003 – 2004 D Stark   1976 Andre Kotze  
2004 – 2007 R Bakhuis   1977 Kobus Scheepers  
2007 T de Jager   1978 Kobus Scheepers  
      1979 Andre Kotze  
      1980 Andre Kotze  
      1981 Andre Kotze  
      1982 Andre Kotze  
    1983 Colleen Rishworth  
      1984 Kevin Richards  
Meritorious Awards     1985 Kim Loppnow  
      1986 Peter Williams  
Mrs G Horn     1987 Peter Williams  
Mrs D Danoher     1988 N Hutchinson  
Mrs E Horne     1989 N Hutchinson  
L Burrell     1990 Greg Kahn  
H Spearpoint     1991 Peter Williams  
A Boliter     1992 Joannie Coetzer  
J du Toit     1993 Joannie Coetzer  
Don Edge     1994 Joannie Coetzer  
L Horwitz     1995 Andrew Turner  
Colin Hurter     1996 Andrew Turner  
Mrs Estelle Nicholson     1997 Andrew Turner  
Mrs S Hurter     1998 Kyle Main and S Keevey  
Mrs Dot Schoombee     1999 Kyle Main and G Pretorius  
Karl Elfrink     2000 L Terblanche  
A Eckley     2001 S Harris and J-L Bothwell  
S Panther     2002 V Janse vand Rensburg  
M Seach     2003 V Janse vand Rensburg  
Mrs M Vaughn     2004 V Janse vand Rensburg  
Mrs S Rishworth     2005 C Stottelaar  
D West     2006 V Janse vand Rensburg and S Harris
Mrs G West     2007 C Stottelaar  
Tom Connell     2008 S Harris     
Mrs Lorraine Deasy     2009 Kevin Paul  
Mrs Margaret Kotze     2010 Kevin Paul  
Brian Elliot     2011      
B Hutchinson     2012      
H van Teylingen     2013      
Mrs F Barnard            
Mrs A Wilson            
D Berry            
G Briedenhann     Post 1991 – national representatives at all levels
R Harris       Jenny Edge  
W Deasy       A Wilson    
Mrs D Briedenhann       E Galpin    
P Wilson       M Dreyer    
Mrs A Pretorius       G Kemp    
C Turner       J Wilson    
Mrs H Turner       A Matthew  
Mrs P Palmer       P Wilson    
D Palmer       D Glover    
Mrs M Norden       L Groenewald  
A Reynolds       A Turner    
Mrs L Sjoberg       P Turner    
N Lawson       D Nolte    
Mrs L Price       A Eckley    
D Stark       L Terblanche  
R Bakhuis       T Leo    
J Coetzee       M Pistoli    
        D Brown    
        B Daniels    
        J Dreyer    
        N Lavery    
        S de Pontes  
        M Norden    
        K Norden    
        D Marais    
        L Truter    
        C van Rensburg  
        M Seaman  
        S Harris    
        J Scholtz    
        T Roe    
        A Reynolds  
        G Barnard  
        C Stottelaar  
        K Plumstead  
        G Kieck    
        J Liss    
        B Elliot    
        Kevin Paul  
        D Wilson    
        J Roux    

St Georges pool

MacArthurs Baths at Kings Beach

Redhouse village, on the Swartkops River - show a typical swimming club of the time. The local club was a force in EP swimming, and the home of Springbok Geoff Grylls.

The original centre of life in the Eastern Cape was Uitenhage, where the Uitenhage Swimming Club still survivies today

A new Lido-style facility was built in the 1960's

Uitenhage today

Newton Park pool in Port Elizabeth - before being upgraded

The upgraded indoor pool - venue of nationals in 2013

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