Western Transvaal

Western Transvaal swimming.

Photos from Gary O'Bryan, Carola van Dam, Cliffe Wallace, Jeanette Kriek Hoft, Robert Mannerswood, Graham du Toit and Frank Reitz.


 Western Transvaal team to Bloemfontein nationals in 1974 - with Anita Botha-van Dam, Glynnis Hellemann, Cliff Wallace, Denise Hopley, Carol Rudman O'Bryan, Carola van Dam and Isak Steyl.

Western Transvaal, Currie Cup, 1974, Bloemfontein— with Anita Botha-van DamGlynnis Hellemann,Cliff WallaceDenise HopleyCarol Rudman O'Brien,Carola van Dam and Isak Steyl

From Gary O'Bryan - For my swimming brothers and sisters. Although this photo is 43 years old, I am sure not one of you will forget starting swimming training for the new season today, 1st September, Spring day, when the Public pool in Orkney (and Klerksdorp) opened. The evening temperature was around 16 deg and the pool was around 14 Deg C, but we were there in our speedos with no space age insulation properties, every single day, training our arses off, swimming further than Middle Distance athletes trained, to get ready for the main galas in the months to come. We were a work hard, play hard bunch and amazingly had up to 10 swimmers in the Top 10 in South Africa, in various categories, season after season. Nowadays, kids train in heated pools and in many cases for 12 months of the year. I wonder if many of them would make it with the same challenges we faced and with the same resilience we had shown!?? I salute you all! — with Irmie Kypuros, Anita Botha-van Dam, Margriet Van Dam, Tommy Pretorius, David H Vice, Pierre Bouttell, Jennifer Deyzel, Carola van Dam and Ferdi Burzler. 

Western Transvaal Schools 1973(?) Port Elizabeth — with Wendy Martin, Cliffy Wallace, Astrid Bakker, Daniella, Gary D O Bryan, Andre Bouttell, Larry Danilewitz, Mrs Bouttell, Sigmund?, Denise Rudman, Mr Vice, David Vincent Frost, Carol Rudman, Hanlie van Wyk, Lindsey Saville and Izak Potgieter

Larry Danilewitz, Joe Bruce, Sigmund Frankenfeld, David Vice, Pierre Boutell, COLIN GORDON DAVIES, KEITH GORDON DAVIES, Gary D O Bryan, Vaughn Hayes, Andre Bouttell, Glenn Wallace and Tommy Pretorius.

Gary D O Bryan, Wendy Martin, Carol Rudman O'Bryan, Anita Botha-van Dam, Carola van Dam, Tommy Pretorius, Denise Hopley, Andre Bouttell, Dix van Dam, Joe Bruce and Cliff Wallace.


Siggie Frankenfeld, Carol Rudman O'Brien, Shaun Murphy, Jeanette Kriek Hoft, Alet Verbeek, Izak Potgieter, Anita Botha-van Dam and Gary D O Bryan.

Pierre Boutell, Gary D O Bryan, Glen Wallace, John Hyde, Irmie Kypuros, Margret Spowart, Tommy Pretorius, Lynn Balkwill, Lynne James, Margriet Van Dam, Dix van Dam, Wade James, Anita Botha-van Dam, Heather Jolley and David Vice.

Gary D O Bryan, Margaret Spowart, Glenn Wallace, Wendy Martin, Carol Rudman O'Brien, Pierre Bouttell, Tommy Pretorius Snr, Arthur Pretorius, Anita Botha-van Dam, Tommy Pretorius, Denise Rudman, Andre Bouttell, Dix van Dam, Joe Bruce, Amanda Wallace and Cliff Wallace


Wendy Martin, Cliff Wallace and Gary D O Bryan.

Carol Rudman O'Brien, Alet Verbeek, Wendy Martin, Gary D O Bryan, Marianne More O'Ferrall, Rory More O'Ferrall, Anita Botha-van Dam, Jeanette Kriek Hoft, Izak Potgieter and Shaun Murphy.

Pierre Boutell, Gary D O Bryan, Glenn Wallace, Wendy Rudman, Carol Rudman O'Brien, Andre Bouttell, Denise Rudman and Cliffie Wallace.

Western Transvaal team 1979, with Frank Reitz, Jocelyn Reitz, Garth Parsons, Rosa Cronje and Graham Du Toit..

Frank Reitz

Jannie Horn from Klerksdorp

Jocelyn Reitz

Carola van Dam

Anita van Dam

Carola van Dam and Jocelyn Reitz

1973 - Gary O'Bryan with Vincent Bezuidenhout  and Cliffe Wallace

Jeanette Kriek Hoft, Carola van Dam and Graham Du Toit.

Carola van Dam, Andre Bouttell, Anita Botha-van Dam, Margriet Van Dam and Wendy Martin.


Carola van Dam, Izak Potgieter, Robert Manners-Wood, Denise Hopley, Carol Rudman O'Bryan, Larry Danilewitz, David Vincent Frost and Wendy Martin.



Rhodesia 1972 — with Vaughn somebody ?, Wendy Martin, Cliff Wallace, Heather Buckley, Riette Gouws ?, Somebody Hutchinson ?, Carol Rudman, Glen Wallace, Hanelie van Wyk, Oom Jan van Wyk, Somebody du Preez ?, Joanne Brown, Ziggy Frankenveld, Mrs Boutell, Carola van Dam, Pierre Boutell, Marian Somebody ?, Colin Gordondavis, Keith Gordondavis, Larry Danilowitz, Gary D O Bryan, Denise Rudman, David H Vice, Andre Boutell, Isabel Gouws and Tommy Pretorius.


1972 tour to Rhodesia

Wendy Martin, Denise Hopley and Carola van Dam.

Robert Manners-Wood, Dave Reynders, Theresa Lynn Manners-Wood, David Hainsworth, Cheryl Salazar, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun & Andrew Lincoln, Jeanette Kriek Hoft, Graham Du Toit, Annelies Verbeek, David Reynders, Deryn Southam, Brent Hainsworth, Robert Manners-Wood, Albert Bothma and Rory More O'Ferrall.

Robert Manners-Wood, Carola van Dam, Pooch and Graham Du Toit and in front is Jeanette Kriek Hoft and Rory More O'Farrall.

 Jeanette Kriek Hoft

South African Swimming Nationals 1979 -  with SAASU President Issie Kramer Lynne Tasker from Rhodesia winning the women's 100m breaststroke, Dorothea Neumeister of South West Africa second, Jeanette Kriek 3rd and Martie Peple (OFS) also winning bronze.

David Hainsworth, Joe Bruce and Carola van Dam and Jeanette Kriek. 

Carol Rudman O'Brien, Wendy Martin, Gary D O Bryan, Anita Botha-van Dam, Izak Potgieter and Jeanette Kriek. 


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