Over the years various publications have included swimming or focused on the sport exclusively. None have survived, and only a few of these have been located to date, and more will be added here.

1.  The SA Swemmer/Swimmer was an publication featuring articles, news, results and records during the 1970's.

2.  The Swimmer - from the Transvaal, with articles by coaches like Zvi Katabi, Stella Brisco and Andre van Aseelt

3.  Topsport was a general sports magazine which sometimes included water sports articles

4.  Speedo Swimnews dates from 1964

5.   The Sportsman of 1963

6.   1969 Transvaal ASA pamphlet - articles about visiting US coach Red Barr and Transvaal Schools swimming

7.  SA Swimming Federation (SAASWiF) publication - vol.1

8.  Rhodesian coaches bulletin - 1970



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