Northern Rhodesia

The Livingstone Amateur Swimming Board joined the Rhodesian ASA in 1932, and became the Northern Rhodesia ASB in 1933. After the Second World War the copper industry boomed in Northern Rhodesia, which saw towns along the Copperbelt expanding, as the region became the biggest copper producing area in the world. Towns like Mufulira, Kitwe, Ndola and Luanshya grew around the mines, where swimming facilities were built for the employees. In 1949 the Rhodesian National swimming Championships were held at Luanshya, while swimmers from these towns competed in the South African Swimming Championships as members of the Rhodesian team. 

Just like in Portuguese Mozambique, the swimming pools in British colonies were built by the municipalities as well as schools or mining and railway or "Ferrovario" companies. 

In 1953 Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Malawi) combined with Southern Rhodesia to form the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was formally dissolved on 31 December 1963, and the country became the independent Republic of Zambia on 24 October 1964, but not before the Northern Rhodesian Team participated at the 1964 Olympic Games in Toyoko. Alan Durrett and Charles Fox swam for Northern Rhodesia.

One international swimming star from Northern Rhodesia is Jane Asher.

Ndola Swimming Club.

The northern mining town was very much part of the swimming scene, with a wonderful swimming pool and a thriving club. The Dutch tourists of 1963 finished their tour of southern Africa in Ndola. 

Ndola Amateur Swimming Club - AnthonyRichardson, Graeme Tapper, Gillian Hedger, Vivian Mangan, Michelle Blythe, Caroline Richardson, Tyron Clack



Simba Seals Swimming Club, based the the Simba International school - Ndola 2016

Chingola is another mining town - home to the Nchanga mine, northwest of Ndola in Northern Rhodesia.  

Kitwe, home of the Rhokana Copper Mine.

The town was founded in 1936 in north-central Zambia as the railway was being built by Cecil Rhodes' company. It was first established as an adjunct, non-mining-related but supportive part of an expanding copper-mining centre at Nkana. The expanding copper mines at Nkana made it the dominant centre in the region and Kitwe started building up its size and significance over the years, finally surpassing Nkana as the main centre. The Rhodesia Railways main line reached the town in 1937, providing passenger services as far south as Bulawayo, with connections to Cape Town. The line was extended into DR Congo, and from there eventually linked to the Benguela Railway to the Atlantic port of Lobito, which used to take some of Zambia's copper exports but is currently closed. 



Rhokana Swimming pool - 1966

Seated adults around the back Lto R

Josie Mallinson, Margaret Russell, Molly Hogg, ?, Mrs Mackay, David Hogg, Bill Hogg, May Drysdale,?, Ray Rowlands, Mike Johnson, David Russell, ?, Mrs Rowlands, Raf Wilson, Ted Fox, ?, Mrs Brazier, Mrs Fox

Very Front Row
?,?,?,?, Mackay twins,?,?

Seated on First Step
Kevin Cowie, ?, Dick Mallinson,?, Sharon Mackay, Lilian Gibson, Liz Drysdale, Clark Russell,?, Alan Hogg, Len Cowie

Second Step
Ian Drysdale, Glenda Sinclair,?,Keith Cowie, Andrew Drysdale, Colin Fox,?, Stephanie, Mrs Brophie

Top Step
Doug Drysdale, David Russell, Josephine Mallinson, Leslie Brophy, Mike Blowers, Robert Kelly, Linda Fox, Merle Brazier

Rhokana Pool - 1961


Famous as the former home of South African legend Paul Blackbeard - did boast a beautiful mining company pool which survives (just) today. It was used by the Roan Antelope Swimming Club, and used by coach Joe Hillstrom.

Click here to see a video of the Luanshya pool in its glory.

Luanshya swim team c. 1955.

The Zambian capital of Lusaka

The old Lusaka Olympic pool might still b operational - these are from 2015, although the map suggests otherwise. 

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Swimmers of the Olympians Swimming club, coached by Jack McQuinn. Click here to see the schools of Lusaka. 

Back row: Sue Webster and second from the right is Dawn Young.

Front row: L/R Linda Hyde, unknown, Rosemary Earle, Marty Bekker, Sandra McQuinn, Sonia Chessmore, Unknown


Noel Kennedy, Roger Everest, Graham Hargreaves, Chris Snow.

Front row; Susan Webster, Sandra McQuinn, Gillian Randle