Rhodesia Nyasaland

In 1953 the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland was created, which lasted until 31 December 1963. Swimmers from Nyasaland - which became Malawi - were considered to be part of the Rhodesian team at the South African Swimming Championships. Founded in 1876, the former capital of Blantyre is one of the oldest urban centre in east, central and southern Africa; it predates Salisbury and Johannesburg.

Lilongwe was created as the capital in 1975. 


With average temperatures in the high 20's, Blantyre has an ideal climate for swimming.

St Andrews High School 

The school started as a primary school in the 1930's, with a high school added in 1957. 1959 saw the official Opening of St. Andrew's Preparatory School in Sunnyside and the High School Swimming Pool built. 

The schools has an nice set of swimming trophies.

The Blantye Sports Club

The club dates from 1896, with a golf course and swimming pool. 

The 1986 Blantyre Club swim team, coached by Gerry Campbell, including Angela McKay, Gillian Boyle, Linda McCullum, Scott McQuade, Graham McCall.

The Lilongwe European School

Founded in 1944 it later became the Bishop Mackenzie International School. It has a swimming pool complex comprising an 18-meter pool, 25-meter pool, and an infant splash pool.