Alex Bulley

Alex Bulley was the official SAASU coach for decades - and he was there when many of the most famous moments of South African swimming history took place.

With Karen Muir at Blackpool in 1965


from the 1949 Personalities pages

with Laura Ranwell, Tich McLachlan and Aubrey Burer at the 1960 Rome Olympic Games

The following was kindly provided by Ron Duff.

Alex Bulley was Coach to the South African swimming team from the time of the 1930 Empire Games (Hamilton, Canada) and he then served as Coach/Manager of nearly all South African swimming teams, right through until at least the 1967 South African swimming team tour of Europe, etc.

Alex Bulley dedicated more than 37 years of loyal and unstinting service to South African Swimming.

Besides Coaching/Managing SA National teams for more than 37 years … Alex Bulley was also Coach/Manager to virtually all of the Natal Amateur Swimming Association teams during that period.

Alex Bulley formed Techs Swimming Club, in Durban, during the mid-1950s.

There is a swimming pool (in Durban) named after Alex Bulley.

(And Alex Bulley was always purely an amateur coach – he never turned ‘professional’ and so never earned 1-cent from his dedication to swimming).

Merely for the record – Alex Bulley’s involvement with South African swimming (at an international level) included:

          1930 : Empire Games, Hamilton– Coach

          1934 : Empire Games, London– Coach

          1938 : Empire Games, Sydney– Coach

          1939 : SA vs Australia, Durban– Coach

          (1940 – 1945 : War service – prisoner of war, Italy)

          1950 : Empire Games – Auckland- Coach

          1952 : Olympic Games, Helsinki– Coach/Manager

          1954 : Empire Games, Vancouver– Coach/Manager

          1956 : Olympic Games, Melbourne – Coach/Manager

          1958 : Empire Games, Cardiff– Coach

          1960 : Olympic Games, Rome– Coach/Manager

          1962 – SA vs Japan, South Africa– Coach

          1964 – SA tour to Germany, England– Coach/Manager

          1965 – SA tour to Europe– Coach/Manager

          1966 – SA tour to France, USA, Canada– Coach/Manager

          1967 – SA vs Canada, South Africa– Coach

          1967 – SA tour to Europe– Coach/Manager

(and I think that he was also Coach/Manager for the 1968 SA vs Rhodesia and 1968 SA vs Canada swimming events – but, as I had already left Durban at that stage, I can’t be absolutely certain !!!).

Alex Bulley also represented South African the Council of FINA (Fédèration Internationale de Natation) – the international federation for swimming – for many, many years.


His last resting place

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