Natal ASA

Natal Amateur Swimming Association

The Rachel Finlayson Beach Baths was built in 1912, on English 100 yard model. Here seen after a recent upgrade.

Cedric Savage, A Lith, Tut Marwick, R Fincham, R Price, J Kosinsky, W Joyce, H rodwell, S Mulholland, D Watson, K Mullins, Jane Bands, D McLaughlin, D Hill, Lou Savage, Mrs McLaughlin, L Coetzee, S Parrot, M Meiring, T von Wieragin,  JM Schorn, June Lyle, Pixie Hall, Maggie Petzer

Natal's "Banana Girls" at the 1955 nationals

Natal - known to the british as the Garden Colony -  joined SAASU in 1905, quickly become a dominant force in South African swimming, and hosting its first national championship in March 1907. The hot weather helped Natal swimmers training all year, while competitors from the other centres were only able to swim for half the year.

Today the old Natal ASA has disappeared without a trace - no online records of their records or Natal Springboks exits. The Queens Park SC, founded in 1893, is a one of the oldest extant clubs in the country, with Seals from Pietermaritzburg thriving owners of  the Midmar Mile mega-event. Another old Natal club was the 1924 Tech SC.

The main facility in the province was the Durban Beach Baths - later renamed to the Rachael Finlayson Baths - a 100 yard salt water pool, where 21 new SA records were set during the 1976 nationals. It has now been taken over by the nearby Kings Park indoor facility as the premier swimming venue in South Africa


Cygnus SC is another long-surviving club, which focuses on synchronized swimming, and the Tech club, which was founded in 1924, and the home club of coach Rachael Finlayson.

Natal girls relay victory - a common site at nationals

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