South West Africa

This page is not intended to be a history of swimming in SWA/Namibia.  SWA was affiliated to the SAASU as a province until March 1990, sending teams to nationals and schools events. The province produced a number of Springbok swimmers - Brian Stewart, Dorothea Neumeister and Ricci Erenstein. In 1982 Swakopmund hosted the Springboks in a test against a touring Canadian/German/US team. Swakopmund boasted a 50m pool with a removable roof - no equivalent facility existed anywhere in southern Africa. Unfortunately that pool has been demolished.

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15 March 1990


Coach Larry Laursen

Monica Dahl and Juanita Delaney

diver Anke Buttner

diver Heike Buttner

29 January 1989

comments posted by Nikki Raymond-Paul

My story goes as far back as 1971, when a contingent of swimmers went to Swakopmund, where we were hosted by the most welcoming families of the swimmers competing against us. We competed in your amazing indoor/outdoor pool, which was a first for some of us, and were treated to trips into the desert and outskirts of your mesmerising town. I was hosted by the Klein family, and I believe my father was at varsity with Jurgen Klein in Cape Town. We had such an amazing tour to SWA, I for one will never forget it. Aside from the swimming, it was the first time I had seen a duvet! Many belated thanks to our hosts and new friends that we made while we were there. This is what pages like these are meant for! Thank you!

P.S. That contingent of swimmers was from Mount Pleasant Swimming Club, under the training of of Mr. Frank and Mrs. Lillian Parrington. They were legends to us, and shaped many of our lives, as young as we were. I was only 11 at the time!

comments posted by Brian Stewart

Swimming in SWA was given its first big push by a very enthusiastic administrator Carl Schatzlein> He organised the first (in my knowledge) swim clinic in Windhoek in 1967 (or thereabouts) under coach Bob Campbell with myself, Harold Pearce, Katinka Germishuys and Annelise le Grange as swimmers. I moved to Windhoek in 1968 and started coaching swimmers such as Larry Laursen and the first SWA swimmer to qualify for Curry Cup in Cape Town, Loretta Augustyn placed fourth in the finals 100m Breaststroke. Schatzlein also promoted swimming through a unique approach of hiring two train coaches from SA Railways, and then touring SA with about 30 young swimmers. I accompanied these tours as coach and we swam against teams in Upington, Klerksdorp, Bloemfontein, Pretoria etc sleeping over in the coaches. This was a great experience for the youngsters and stood the sport well in years to follow.

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