Oonagh Whitsitt

Gold Medal winner at the 1930 Empire Games in Hamilton, Canada

At the 1930 Empire Games she finished first in the 3m diving, ahead of two Canadian girls - Doris Ogilivie and Mollie Bailey. There was no 1m event, and she did not compete in the 10m tower diving competiton.

Oonagh was a Natal diver, whose father was the Chief Constable of the province. She later married Edward Shaw, who was to become Mayor of Durban, and had a daughter Clodagh. She was a member of the Cygnus Amateur Swimming Club.

At the South African diving Championships, the Oonagh Whitsitt Trophy commemorates her achievements.





1959             W. Almond, Transvaal                                      51,95

1960             J.Ward, Rhodesia                                             63,62

1961             S. Morgenrood, Rhodesia                                   102*8

1962             L. Grant-Stuart, Rhodesia                                  122,58

1963             L. Grant-Stuart, Rhodesia                                  112,74

1964             L. Grant-Stuart, Rhodesia                                  135,79

1965             S. Bezuidenhout, Rhodesia                                 132,20

1966             L. Grant-Stuart, Rhodesia                                  145,59

1967             L. Grant-Stuart, Rhodesia                                  128,38

1968             L. Grant-Stuart, Transvaal                                 121,42

1969             L. Pretorius, Rhodesia                                       115,47

1970             L. Pretorius, Rhodesia                                       378,90

1971             L. Woodard, Rhodesia

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