With no medals to be won, South African swimmers continued to set new world records - 

Karen Muir

Karen was born 16 September 1952 in Kimberley, where she began swimming wih coach Frank Gray at age 9. Three years later, on 10 August 1965 - aged 12, she became the youngest person to ever set a world record in swimming. She set a further 14 world records, before retiring in 1970.

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Ann Fairlie

For a while South Africa boasted the two best backstrokers in the world - also setting a world record in the 110yds backstroke, she and Karen Muir dominated women's backstroke events for 5 years - although neither were ever allowed to compete in the Olympic Games.

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Jonty Skinner

Swimming for the Central Jersey Aquatic Club at the 1976 US nationals, Jonty took more than half a second of Jim Montgomery's Olympic gold medal winning swim at the 1976 Games - six weeks after the Olympics. His record stood for 5 years.  

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Peter Williams

Pete set a new world record in the 50m freestyle during a time trial. Somehow FINA recognised the time - but not the record, because South Africa was still banned.

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