Empire and Commonwealth Games medalists


1930 Empire Games, Hamilton, Canada

3 m springboard   Oonagh Whitsitt (SA) Doris Ogilvie (CAN) Mollie Bailey (CAN)


  1934 Commonwealth Games  - Empire Games  - London, England
Event Gold Silver Bronze
440 yd freestyle  Phyllis Dewar (CAN) 5:45.6 South Africa Jenny Maakal (SA) 5:53.0  Irene Pirie (CAN) 5:54.4
4×110 yd
freestyle relay
Phyllis Dewar
Florence Humble
Margaret Hutton
Irene Pirie
4:21.8  South Africa
Jenny Maakal
Enid Hayward
Kathleen Russell
Molly Ryde
4:34.0  England
Edna Hughes
Beatrice Wolstenholme
Olive Bartle
Margery Hinton


  1938 Commonwealth Games  - Sydney, Australia
Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle  Bob Pirie (CAN) 59.6 South Africa Terry Collard (SA) 60.8  William Fleming (AUS) 61.0
Event Gold Silver Bronze
220 yd breaststroke  Doris Storey (ENG) 3:06.3 South Africa Carla Gerke (SA) 3:12.1  Joan Langdon (CAN) 3:22.2
3×110 yd
medley relay
Doris Storey
Lorna Frampton
Margery Hinton
3:57.7  South Africa
Carla Gerke
Hazel Holmes
Molly Ryde
4:07.5  Australia
Evelyn de Lacy
Pat Norton
Valerie George


  1950  Commonwealth Games  - Auckland, New Zealand
Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle  Marjorie McQuade (AUS) 1:09.0  Margaret Wellington (ENG) 1:09.6 South Africa Joan Harrison (SAF) 1:10.7
440 yd freestyle South Africa Joan Harrison (SAF) 5:26.4  Margaret Wellington (ENG) 5:33.7  Denise Norton (AUS) 5:33.8
Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle  Peter Salmon (CAN) 1:00.4  Frank O'Neill (AUS) 1:00.6  Pat Kendall (ENG) 1:01.8
440 yd freestyle  Garrick Agnew (AUS) 4:54.6 South Africa Graham Johnston (SAF) 60.8  Buddy Lucas (NZL) 4:55.5
1650 yd freestyle South Africa Graham Johnston (SAF) 19:55.7  Jim Portelance (CAN) 20:08.3  Buddy Lucas (NZL) 20:10.1
110 yd backstroke South Africa Jackie Wiid (SAF) 1:07.7  John Brockway (WAL) 1:08.0  Bert Kinnear (SCO) 1:10.8


  1954  Commonwealth Games  - Vancouver, Canada
Event Gold Silver Bronze
110 yd freestyle  Lorraine Crapp (AUS) 1:05.8 Canada Virginia Grant (CAN) 1:06.3 South Africa Joan Harrison (SAF) 1:08.2
110 yd backstroke South AfricaJoan Harrison (SAF) 1:15.2  Pat South Africa Symons (ENG) 1:17.4  Jean Stewart (NZL) 1:17.5
220 yd breaststroke  Elenor Gordon (SCO) 2:59.2 South Africa Mary Morgan (SAF) 3:03.3  Margaret Grundy (ENG) 3:04.5
4×110 yd freestyle relay  South Africa
Felicity Loveday
Joan Harrison
Machduldt Petzer
Natalie Myburgh
4:33.9 Canada Canada
Beth Whittall
Gladys Priestley
Helen Stewart
Virginia Grant
4:37.0  England
Diana Wilkinson
Fearne Ewart
Jean Botham
Valerie Nares-Pillow
3×110 yd medley relay  Scotland
Helen Gordon
Margaret McDowell
Margaret Girvan
3:51.0  South Africa
Joan Harrison
Machduldt (Maggie) Petzer
Mary Morgan
3:52.7  Australia
Jann Grier
Judith Knight
Lorraine Crapp


Event Gold Silver Bronze
440 yd freestyle  Gary Chapman (AUS) 4:39.8  Jack Wardrop (SCO) 4:41.5 South Africa Graham Johnston (SAF) 4:43.3
1650 yd freestyle South Africa Graham Johnston (SAF) 19:01.4 South Africa Peter Duncan (SAF) 19:22.1  Gary Chapman (AUS) 19:28.4
4×220 yd freestyle relay  Australia
David Hawkins
Gary Chapman
Jon Henricks
Rex Aubrey
8:47.6 Canada Canada
Allan Gilchrist
George Park
Gerald McNamee
Ted Simpson
8:56.0  South Africa
Dennis Ford
Graham Johnston
Peter Duncan
William Steuart

1958 Commonwealth Games  - Cardiff, Wales

Event Gold Silver Bronze
1650 yd freestyle  John Konrads (AUS) 17:45.4  Gary Winram (AUS) 18:17.2  Murray (Tich) McLachlan (SA) 18:19.2
220 yd breaststroke  Terry Gathercole (AUS) 2:41.6  Peter Rocchi (SA) 2:44.9  Chris Walkden (ENG) 2:47.3

Tich McLachlan with Aubrey Burer

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