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The slightly mis-named "South African Championships" started in February 1900 - more than ten years before the Union of South Africa was constituted by the British Parliament on the 31st May 1910. This first event featured only white, (mainly English) men - from the Cape Colonial towns of Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, many of which would be soon be involved with the fighting.

First Currie Cup

The SAASU held its first meeting on 20 October 1899, 9 days after war was declared by Great Britain against the Transvaal Republic and the Orange Free State. Representatives from the swimming and water polo clubs from the two main centres of the Cape Colony - Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, agreed to the constitution of SAASU.  Today the PE Amateur still exists, and celebrated its centenary in 1998. In the meantime swimmers in Natal had also organized clubs, like the Queens Park, although Natal ASA was only to join SAASU in 1904. Little history of the other clubs have survived beyond press reports of the time.

Eastern Province

Western Province

W Hann

A Pickering,

CJ Liston-Foulis

William Fiddian-Green

C Cunningham

Robert Carswell

AE Marks

Reid, HA

Wrensch, Harry

Marais, R

Marcus, E

Shelvoke, GE

Wrensch, J

Solomon, AC

20 Janaury 1900 - Eastern Province Herald report - Western Province were the winners of the first Currie Cup water polo tournament.


SAASU - South African Amateur Swimming Union

  Fiddian-Green, William EPASA
  Jenkins, R  
  Lewis, AJS WPASA
  Reid, HA  
  Brewster, CA EPASA
  Skead, C  
  Shelvoke, GE  

100 yards Championships

1 Marais, R WPASA
2 Cornwall, WD WPASA
3 Wrensch, JC WPASA
4 Richardson, R EPASA



Western province team for the first Currie Cup, plus two swimmers to compete in the 100 yards championships, depart for Port Elizabeth by boat on 13 January 1900.



9 January 1900 - Professor Doyle gives a swimming demonstartion at the Observatory Road baths.

9 January 1900 - Godbold-Findaly water polo trophy matches held at the Normal College pool, hosted by the Cape Town Swimmig Club.

13 february 1900 - Green and Sea Point club gala held in Sea Point Baths

Sea Points pool

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