Bulawayo is the country's second city, located in the southern Matabeleland Province, with humid subtropical climate, though it is a drier version of the climate. The mean annual temperature is 19.16 °C (with a record low of -3,9 °C), similar to Pretoria at a similar altitude but almost 600 km farther south. It is home to a number of famous old former Rhodesian schools like Gifford, Milton and Plumtree. The city also boasts the beautiful Borrow Street swimmimng baths.

Some of the schools in the Bulawayo area also had their own swimming pools.

Click here to see a video of the 1968 Rhodesian championships held at the Barrow street baths.

Like in the  rest of Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe, and in South Africa - many of the municipal pools have been abandoned. 

Borrow Street municipal baths

Click here to see more pictures of Bulawayo Municipal pools at North End and Barham Green.


Paul Einstein and Mark Edge from the Grey High School tour of Rhodesia in 1976 





RAF pilots training in Bulawayo  during the war

Zimbabwe swimming championships 1983

The Borrow street pool during the Africa Youth Games 2015

Despite an upgrade for the 2015 African Youth Games, the pool seems to be in need of repair.

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