Private Pools

The earliest pools in South Africa were modeled on the English model of commercial indoor facilities. Pools in Cape Town - Long Street, Claremont, Camps Bay, Observatory and in  Bloemfontein, Salisbury, Pretoria - all followed this model. The steel roof trusses were imported form England at considerable cost, which the owners recovered by charging admission. Today only the Long Street example survives.

Later on private pools were built at places like hotels and clubs - the indoor pool of the Summit Club in Hillbrow was the only facility available for winter swimming in the Transvaal during the 1960's, while the 50m pool at the Grande hotel in Beira famous.

In recent times the commercially driven health club inducstry has created many private 25m inddor pools, while many more have created their own learn-to-swim facilities.

These images are a few publicly available photographs of indoor pools in South Africa and Rhodesia. Some of the pools were perhaps municipal, or became so, after a time, but no detailed information is available.

Camps Bay

Long Street  - 1931 nationals

Summit Club, Hillbrow

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