Durban - 7 March 1911. 

YMCA Swimming Club  - Pietermaritzburg - Annual gala. Vice-President Alexander Lyle also sits on the natal ASA board. See more about the YMCA gala below.

George Godfrey wins the 100, 220 and 500 - as EM Wearin had done in 1905. In 1912 Wearin finished 3rd in the 500.

South African Aquatic Championships - Monday 6 March, 1911 - Durban  
100 yards Championships      
Heat 1     Water Polo  
English, RA Tvl   Eastern Province  
Simon, RH Natal   Willets, WG goal
Wearin, JM WP   Moss, G  
Ford, JE Tvl   Webber, FS  
      Justin, A  
Heat 2     Abbott, CH  
Pay, C Natal   Longworth, L  
Robertson, N Tvl   Murrell, RC  
Morris, JWH Tvl      
Carlisle, H East London   East London  
Heat 3     Carlisle, H  
Godfrey, George Natal   Smith, P  
 Francis, JL Tvl   Baston, W  
Roselt, J Tvl   Haigh, GO  
Woodhead, GV     Robertson, N  
      Melrose, G  
Godfrey, George Natal      
Simons, DH Natal   Natal  
      McKay, G Queens Park
220 yards Championships   Beck, Harry Queens Park
Heat 1     Brown, Charles Otters 
Godfrey, George Natal   Godfrey, George Otters 
Simons, DH Natal   Petsch, CF Otters 
Auret, LF Tvl   Hayward, FG Otters 
      Simons, RH Queens Park
Heat 2        
Wearin, EM Tvl      
Maclean, AG Tvl   Transvaal  
Carlisle, H East London   Patrick, Al  
      Auret, LF  
Heat 3     Steadman, HB  
Roselt, J Tvl   Wearin, EM  
Robertson, N East London   Barboure, W  
Francis, LF Tvl   Rae, Tommy  
Ladies 50 yards     Roselt, J  
Biggs, KM Natal      
Bashford, J        
Berry, D        
50 yards junior        
Bell, E        
500 yards Championship      
Godfrey, George Natal      
Simons, DH Natal      
Wearin, EM WP      
Team Race Natal      
Lifesaving Championships - 25 February 1911    
Natal team        
Howrd-Reid, E        
Geoghegan, AD        
Mackay, C        
Pye-Smith, F        
Schomberg, C        
first Royal Lifesaving Society (RLSS) exams held at Doornfontein in March 1911 








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