1947 Port Elizabeth

S.A.Open and National Records 1947

100 yards.

Men:  Terry Collard (NTvl), 54,2 in 1937;

Women: Kathleen Russell (Tvl), 1 min. 2,3 sees, in 1933.

150 yards

(Open) Men: R. Wilshire (Australia), 1:03,1 in 1939.

220 yards

(Open) Men:  Noel Ryan (Australia), 2:17 ,4 in 1939;

(National) Men: Terry Collard (NTvl) 2:21,1 in 1937;

 Women: Molly Ryde (NTvl), 2:34,3 in 1937.

300 yards

(Open) Men: Noel Ryan (Australia), 8:17,4 in 1939.

440 yards

(Open)Men: Noel Ryan (Australia), 5:02,2 in 1939;

(National)Men: Terry Collard (NTvl), 5:07,2 in 1937

 Women: Jennie Maakal (NTvl), 5:36,0 1934.

500 yards

(Open) Noel Ryan (Australia), 5:42,1 in 1939;

(National) Men: Terry Collard (NTvl), 5:51,1 in 1937;

Women: Molly Ryde (NTvl) 6:,21,2 in 1937.

880 yards

(Open) Noel Ryan (Australia). 10:49, in 1939

(National) A. E. Sprague (Natal), 11:9,2 in 1938

(Open)Women: E. Main (England) 12:33,3 in 1929

(National) L. Cohen (Natal) 13:30,1 in 1926.

1,000 yards

(Open) Noel Ryan (Australia), 12:31,2 in 1939.

One Mile

(Open): Noel Ryan (Australia), 22:16,9 in 1939.

200 yards Breaststroke

Men: D. J. McClure (Transvaal), 2:40,8 in 1937;

Women: Carla Gerke (NTvl), 2:49,3 in 1937.

100 yards Backstroke

Women: H. Holmes (Natal), 1:17,8 in 1939.

150 yards Backstroke

Men: G. H.May (Natal), 1:41 in 1938;

Women: H.   Holmes (Natal), 1:56,1 in 1939.

Plunging Record

Men:   W. J.Buchanan (Eastern Province), 64 ft. 3 ins. in 1923.

Western Provicne Water Polo team - Currie Cup winners 1947 at Nationals in Port Elizabeth

3 March St Georges Park      
  Men       Women  

100 Junior F Gottlich J Ross F Botha   Beryl Nugent D Evans
110 Les Klenerman Terry Collard A Powell and WP Stanford   Barbara Evans (NR in heat) P Kincaid-Smith
200 junior         Beryl Nugent  
220 Les Klenerman Donald Johnston     Barbara Evans  
500 Donald Johnston Les Klenerman Graham Johnston   Barbara Evans Corrie Struass
880 Donald Johnston Graham Johnston Les Klenerman      

150 junior J Ross H Cooke F Gottlich   Beryl Nugent E Kreft
150 J Turrell Jackie Wiid D Melville   Maisie Leemhuis C Mai

50 invitation         C Price A Chapman
100 Invitation L Kaplan Franks vd Merwe      
200 DV Cohen L Kaplan I Franks      

IM 100            

Team Race            
Medley Relay            

Diving Geoff Mandy A McDonald L Duncker      
invitation L Duncker Graham Johnston Willie Welgemoed      

Water Polo Currie Cup Transvaal        
Ellis Brown Trophy Transvaal WP Noord Transvaal  

Transvaal       Natal    
  Ernie Nicholson       Sheila Bands junior
  Terry Collard       S Rawstone  
  D Hill       Marion Kent  
  Barbara Evans junior (sister)     C Price junior
  Dilys Evans junior (sister)     Jackie Wiid  
  G Miller          
  F Gottlich junior        
  C Ricklon junior        
  J Ross junior        
  Y Venter          
  A van Kralingen          
  Pricilla Kincaid-Smith          
  G Millar junior        
  A Chapman J Ross        
  Corrie Strauss          
  DV Cohen          
  Les Klenerman          
  D Melville          
Western Province     Noord Transvaal  
  J Hahn       E Kreft  
  WP Stanford       E van Graan junior
  van der Merwe       F Botha junior
          L Duncker diver
          Willie Welgemoed diver
          H Cooke junior
          Maisie Leemhuis  
          J Turrell  
OFS       Rhodesia    
  Donald Johnston       M Peckover  
  B Massyn junior     HB Greenshields  
  Graham Johnston diver     L Calder  
          R. L. Foster  
          EJ Painting  
          CR Davidson  
          S Stack polo
          I Frank  
Eastern Province     Border    
  B Hankohl       Beryl Nugent  
  S Reid junior     A Breetzke  
  Geoff Mandy diver        
  A McDonald diver        
  Chris Mai          
  Peter Elliot          


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