1966 Durban

American Olympic gold medalist Cathy Ferguson and French silver medalist Kiki Caron are in South Africa again - to take on the world's best backstrokers. One WR and 13 NR set - Daine Ludorf and Brain Stewart scored most points

  Men       Women      
100 Jon Reen              
200 Geoff Grylls Brian Elliot Brian Stewart Cathy Ferguson  (NR) Karen Muir Ann Fairlie  
440 Geoff Grylls Brian Elliot     Karen Muir Diane Ludorf Cathy Ferguson
880         Diane Ludorf (NR) Geraldine Steynberg  
1650 Brian Elliot Harold Pearce Tyrone Tozer          

110 Brian Stewart Charl Meyer Chris Sherwell Karen Muir (WR) Ann Fairlie Kiki Caron Cathy Ferguson
220 Brian Stewart (NR) Chris Sherwell Charl Meyer   Karen Muir (NR) Kiki Caron Ann Fairlie Cathy Ferguson

110 Derek Coetzer Rodney Glatt Tony Fisher   Shirley van der Poel  I Wieringa G Stienberg  
220 Tony Fisher       Shirley van der Poel (NR) Alison Marquard I Wieringa  

110 John Keyter Harold Pearce Tony Martin   Diane Ludorf Mandy Beukes Elma Malherbe
220 John Keyter Harold Pearce   Diane Ludorf (NR) Cathy Ferguson Mandy Beukes

440 Robbie de Villiers  Harold Pearce H Grimmer   Cathy Ferguson (NR) Diane Ludorf    

Free relay                
800 Eastern Province (NR)            
Medley relay                


Water Polo Currie Cup   Transvaal and Natal – shared          
Ellis Brown                

Springbok Team - swimming            
  Geoff Grylls       Karen Muir      
  Brian Stewart     Ann Fairlie      
          Diane Ludorf      
Springbok Team – waterpolo            
  R Anderson              
  K Botha              
  G Knapp              
  Billy Otto              
  Hennie Pelser            
  J Sutherland              
  Cedric Savage            
  Wally Voges              
  F van Niekerk            

Jon Reen and Geoff Grylls  - both from Eastern Province

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