1981 Port Elizabeth

Newton Park was once again the venue for nationals in 1981 - with typically windy weather affecting performances, and only two National records being set during the event. Springbok swimmers competed against a visiting team of American and a Canadian competitors. Click here to see an article of those Tests.

Best Male Swimmer was Nicky Gray (Natal) and Tricia Butcher (Natal) was best Female Swimmer.

A South African national swimming team went on a secret tour of several European countries in July 1981. Even the South African press was reportedly refused permission to photograph the returning team to avoid publicity about the countries the team visited: Team members were: Nikki Gray, Gary Brinkman, Erwin Kratz, Charlie Venter, Tricia Butcher, Susan Erasmus, Toni Palmer, Hannalie Vermeulen. 


  Men       Women    

100 Andre Kotze Paul Blackbeard Grant Pretorius   Connie Fritsch Ann Lamont Rosa Cronje
200 Anton van Niekerk Nicky Gray Eben Pienaar   Tricia Butcher Annette Cowley Karen van Helden
400 Nicky Gray Eben Pienaar Gary Brinkman   Tricia Butcher Susan Erasmus Dorothea Neumeister
800         Tricia Butcher Susan Erasmus Karen Fritsch
1500 Nicky Gray Gary Brinkman Eben Pienaar        

100 Bennie Retief Erwin Kratz Kevin Ricards   Karen van Helden Loren Rozowsky Hannelie Vermeulen
200 Erwin Kratz (NR) Chris Buchanan Nicky Gray   Karen van Helden Loren Rozowsky Annette Cowley

100 Brian Duguid Charl Venter Frank Reitz   Dorothea Neumeister (NR) Helena Pirow Susan Erasmus
200 Charl Venter Mark Jankelow Brian Duguid   Dorothea Neumeister Susan Erasmus Helena Pirow

100 Paul Blackbeard Kobus Scheepers Kim Campbell   Toni Palmer Rosie Wicht Connie Fritsch
200 Nicky Gray Graham du Toit Gerd Hipper   Tricia Butcher Rosie Wicht Toni Palmer

200 Anton van Niekerk Gerd Hipper Julian Taylor        
400 Anton van Niekerk Nicky Gray Gerd Hipper   Loren Rozowsky Dorothea Neumeister Tricia Butcher

Free relay              
200         Natal (NR) Karen Fritsch  
400 Natal Transvaal Eastern Province   Natal (NR) Connie Fritsch  
800 Natal Eastern Province Transvaal     Rosie Wicht  
            Wendy Wishart  

Medley relay            
400 Natal Transvaal Noord Transvaal   Transvaal Western Province Natal

1m Kevin Evans Barry Birkett R Pienaar   Jo-Ann Hockley Connie Truter Debbie Vaughn
Synchronised swimming Figures     Kerry Woodhead Allison Blackbeard Allison Gittings
    Solos     Kerry Woodhead Allison Blackbeard Allison Gittings

Water Polo Currie Cup Natal          
Ellis Brown Trophy Natal Transvaal Western Province      

Springbok Team            
  Paul Blackbeard       Tricia Butcher    
  Nicky Gray       Dorothea Neumeister    
  Erwin Kratz       Toni Palmer    
  Anton van Niekerk       Loren Rozowsky    
  Charl Venter       Karen van Helden    

Inland vs Coastal Teams          
Inland Team            
Swimming Anton van Niekerk            
  Jannie Horn            
  Gerd Hipper            
  Grant Pretorius            
  Eben Pienaar            
  Bennie Retief            
  Charl Venter            
  Graham du Toit            
Diving Kevin Evans       Connie Truter    
  Andre Bornman       Jo-Anne Hockley    
  Johannes Styger       Ané Serfontein    
Water Polo            
Inland S Willis            
  J Preston            
  Ferdie Postma            
  I Prinsen            
  B Kinnear            
  Mike Semple            
  Donnie Semple            
  C Wilson            
  Gerhard Worst            
Swimming Paul Blackbeard            
  Gary Brinkman            
  Rory Mapstone            
  Julian Taylor            
  Kevin Richards            
  Andre Kotze            
  Brian Duguid            
  Chris Buchanan            
Diving Neil Duveen       Debbie Vaughn    
  Barry Birkett       Ingrid Isherwood    
  Andy Will       Lynne Gardiner    
Water Polo K McCormack            
  A van der Waal            
  G Currie            
  Colin Woodcock            
  Marty Parrington            
  Derek le Marque            
  A Spies            
  C Morris            
  Paul Emslie            
Synchronised swimming            
Natal Allison Blackbeard            
  Allison Gittings            
  G Granger            
  Deidre Rice            
  Glynnis Wohlberg            
The Rest S Everitt            
  Susan Horn            
  Gail Kennedy            
  S Meltzer            
  S Stonier            
  Kerry Woodhead            


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