Rhodesian schools

Swimming in Rhodesian schools 

Rhodesian schools have competed in swimming galas, diving and water polo matches in South Africa since the Rhodesian ASA joined SAASU in 1920. They were particulary strong in the SA Schools water polo tournament during the 1970's. School teams from both countires toured, although little information exitst about these events.

Mashonaland - Salisbury

Matabeleland  - Bulawayo

Midlands - Gwelo

Manicaland - Umtali

Victoria - Fort Victoria

Northern Rhodesia

1971 - Gwelo (Gweru)  - Cecil John Rhodes school's 20th Annual swimming gala. It seems Billy Bell won all the Grade 3 boys events! Like its neigbouring school Fitchley in Que Que (Kwekwe), it maintains a beautiful swimming pool even today (2016).


Que Que School swimming team - 1960

Back Row standing: Diana Hirsch, Erica Leonard, Wendy Corbyn, Leslie Ann Newton, Melody Hannaford, Diana Forester, Jennifer Baker, Patsy Papenfus, Maryann O. Hagan.

3rd Row: Brenda Rees, Gillian Hulley, Kay Whittaker, Miss Midge Henderson (coach), Stella Fullwood (captain), Grace Glover, Enid Renyolds. Kneeling: Betty Botha, Lillian Stevens, Tess Banfield, Lynn Alcock, Shiela Varkevisser.

Front Row: Dawn Brogdon, Charmaine Whittaker, Pamela Lundt, Lynette Samson.

11 November 2015 - Kwekwe’s Fitchlea Primary school hosts the Midlands province top swimming schools for the Charles Pasi invitational inter-schools swimming gala



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