Rhodesia Schools - Midlands


The Midlands and other areas that had school's swimming, outside the two major centres of Salisbury and Bulawayo.

The main Midlands towns were Que Que and Gwelo, while towns included Umtali, Gatooma, Sinoia, Chipinga,  Fort Victoria.

Opening of new Que Que town pool on 27 February 1953

Que Que High school swimming team - 1960

Que Que High School Swimming Team 1960 Back Row standing: Diana Hirsch, Erica Leonard,Wendy Corbyn, Leslie Ann Newton, Melody Hannaford, Diana Forester, Jennifer Baker, Patsy Papenfus, Maryalice O.Hagan.  3rd Row: Brenda Rees, Gillian Hulley, Kay Whittaker, Miss Midge Henderson (coach), Stella Fullwood (captain), Grace Glover.  Kneeling: Betty Botha, Lillian Stevens, Tess Banfield, Lynn Alcock, Shiela Varkevisser, Front Row: Dawn Brogdon, Charmaine Whittaker, Pamela Lundt, Lynette Samson.

Gwelo - Chaplin High School

It seems the schools pool no longer exists. 

Gwelo - Thornhill HS

Pool opened in 1970.

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