Located on the slopes of Table Mountain, South African College Schools, or just SACS, dates from 1812. In 2018 it is the top ranked cricket school in South Africa, while it's water polo is in the top 20. It has no less than three swimming pools, and hosts two annual inter-school's water polo tournaments. Local under 19 boys schools' water polo teams compete for the Mazinter Cup in a knock-out format. In 2014 SACS under 19 and under 15 lost in the finals.

Swimming, like in most schools, is doen through local clubs like Vineyards ASC, where SACS teacher Hugo Rhys is the head coach.

As with many interschool sports in the Western Cape, SACS has played a leading role in the formation and growth of an interschools waterpolo league in the province. From the days of Mr Chris Waller in the 1960’s and the establishment of the Mazinter and Waller cups through to Mr Allan Footman in the 1980’s and the creation of the annual SACS Waterpolo Tournament, SACS waterpolo masters have been pioneers of the sport at an interschool level both provincially and nationally. More recently SACS’ leadership position in the sport has been maintained and enhanced by the likes of Mr Chris Jones and Mrs Jane McClure and their staff at both the High and Junior schools.

SACS is the only school that can boast of hosting two interschool tournaments, one u19 and one u13, that draw over 20 schools from around the country to participate annually. Although the u13 tournament is still in its infancy when one compares it to the u19 tournament, which celebrates its 25th birthday in 2009, both are regarded as the premier schoolboy waterpolo tournaments in the country, a fact borne out by the quality of waterpolo on display during these two tournaments every year.

As far as facilities go, SACS has once again taken the lead in ensuring that there are no less than three state-of-the-art swimming pools for waterpolo players to play and train in. SACS thus has the facilities to cater for polo for all levels, from beginners or ‘Splash’ polo right through to FINA regulation ladies and men’s waterpolo events. Despite the blessings of such facilities, the SACS waterpolo family does not intend to rest on their laurels, and with planned future projects such as the heating of its Aqua Centre, it is certain that the reputation of SACS as a truly world-class waterpolo venue will be entrenched for years to come.

From a development and coaching perspective SACS again leads the way. Every coach is taken through a ‘coaching basics’ course and empowered with the knowledge necessary to ensure that the SACS boys learn and understand the game. In 2008, SACS also added two players’ handbooks to its knowledge database and one of the aims of this site is to ensure that all boys have access to this valuable resource.

Paul Halliday at the 2002 SACS water polo tournament.