School Swimming

Unlike rugby and cricket, swimming has traditionally flourished outside the school environment where local coaches had private squads and the amateur clubs organized galas, under the auspices of the provincial governing bodies, who in turn were part of SAASU. Today swimming, and also water polo, are popular summer school sports, with many schools boasting their own swimming pools and competing in inter-schools competitions. In swimming there has never a big distinction between private and state schools, with each province selecting a team for the annual national inter-schools championships. The annual Transvaal inter-high schools gala at Ellis Park was always a very noisy and exciting affair! Our northern neighbours in Rhodesia also had a very active schools swimming scene.

In the past, many schools have held an annual school gala, which often included events from the provincial championships. Both Primary and High schools inter-provincial galas have been held at various times, and today a combined event is (sometimes) held. 

Various schools swimming teams have toured overseas - to England, Israel and Taiwan, with individual schools water polo teams also sending pupils to compete abroad. Most of the history related to these events are unrecorded.

Transvaal team in the march past at SA Primary Schools swimming championships in Bloemfontein 1975.

South African Primary Schools Swimming Championships

1967  - Pretoria

1968 - Kimberley

1970 Bloemfontein

1971 - Bloemfontein

1972 - Bloemfontein

1973 - Bloemfontein

1974 - Bloemfontein

South African High Schools Swimming Championships

1965 - Kimberley 

1972 - Johannesburg

1974 - Kimberley

1975 - Durban 

1976 - Cape Town

1977 - Boksburg

1982 - Durban


South African schools water polo tournament

1980 - SA Schools water polo - Cape Town

Articles on some South African swimming schools:

Eunice GHS - Bloemfontein

King Edward VII KES - Johannesburg

Grey High - Port Elizabeth

SA Senior schools - 1975

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