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This brochure has been produced for the many friends of the club; for those who have shared our membership in the past; for those who are with us at the present; and for all who are interested in the sporting activities associated with the Natal Technical College. A review of the historic events connected with the club's fifty years of existence covers two periods, the first of fifteen years prior to world war II and a further twenty-eight years in a post war period. Unfortunately club records of the early period have been mislaid which has resulted in a rather sparse review, but in the post war period with records readily available a fuller story has been told. Nevertheless space does not permit of the story being recorded in great detail and so it has become necessary to use statistics to cover the five decades, and so for this I crave your indulgence, for it is only in this way that the contents of this brochure can help to bring back the past and to perpetuate the memory of people who have made a great contribution to the history of the TECH AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB.

Durban 18th November, 1974 A.R. Bulley


Tech. Amateur Swimming Club

Constituted and Affiliated to

Natal Amateur Swimming Association



Chairman : Don Marais

Hon. Secretary: D. Bain Captain: 0.Osberg


President: Alex Bulley

Chairman:T.A. Martin Vice-Chairman: H.J. Thomson Hon. Secretary: F.J. Harding Hon. Treasurer:Mrs. I. Hambly Club Captain: M. Williams Club

Adviser : A.A . Bulley Secretaries: Water Polo ·R. Grimm Gala - F.J. Harding Synchro- Mrs. P. Martin

Records: Mr . D. Meintjies, Mrs.F. Meintjies

Extra Committee Members:Mrs. D. Bulley, G. Hambly



H.Bolstridge, C.B. Bradley, Dr . G. Campbell, Dr. H. Chait, J.J . Frank, N.C. Gracie, S.A.M. Grainger, Mrs.0. Marais, 0. Osberg, A. Pittendrigh, L.J. Rycroft, W.R. Scotney, R.O.Stewart, R.J.Williams, G.Young.


Alex Bulley ·1974, H.J.Thomson · 1974

Affiliated to the Natal Amateur Swimming Association and a registered sports club of the Natal College for Advanced Technical Education.

Taken while Don was a lecturer at Tech. College 1921

Mr. Don Marais

Founder of the Tech Amateur Swimming Club 1924

A great sportsman, keen rugby player and fine administrator at all levels in rugby, hockey and swimming


1926-1953 - Tech A.S.C.: 1936- South African Hockey Union


1934/5 - 1939/40 - South African Amateur Swimming Union

An Historical Review of the Tech. Amateur Swimming Club

The birth of the club and its subsequent history has always been closely associated with that of the local Technical College, and so before we give an historic review of the club we must go back in time and relate when and how the association began. Like the Club the College was known by various names the years, for records show that in 1907 The Durban Technical Institute was founded, followed a few years later by its subsidiary, The Durban Technical High School.

At the time of the outbreak of the first World War, Institute was replaced by College in the title, and then in 1922 this was again amended to assume the familiar name of The Natal Technical College. In the pre-war period of the Institute and the High School, very little has been recorded about their sporting activities, but we do know that Tennis and later Rugby was played under rather primitive conditions. The post-war period was very different when College sport was given a tremendous fillip in 1919 by ex-servicemen and staff members, when the first efforts were made to organise clubs for part time evening class students as well as ex-pupils of the Technical High School and the College.

It was at this time that Don Marais joined the teaching staff of the Technical High School, having been persuaded to do so by Prof. D.B. Hodges, who was then on the staff of the College, and had been previously a colleague of Don's while they were teaching at Heilbron. Both these gentlemen later played a great part in the Administration of sport at the Tech, Don over a period until 1931 when he transferred to the staff of the Natal University College at the time of its opening and while there, continued to play a great part in University sport right up to the time of his retirement. When Don arrived in Durban in 1919, he was a fine Rugby player and was also keenly interested in Hockey, Swimming and Life-Saving. He was trans­ferred from the High School to the College in 1921, where he served as a lecturer i n Chemistry until his untimely death in 1954, and although he served with great distinction at top level in Swimming and Hockey Adminis­tration his interest in Tech sport at the High School and the College never diminished.

As has been stated above, the year 1919 saw a great resurgence of Tech sport, and clubs started to come into existence from then onwards. The first was the Technical College Old Boys' Rugby Club, which was admitted to the Senior league in 1921 and won its first trophy in 1930. Then followed the formation of the Cricket Club and in 1924/5 carried off the Senior League. The next sport to come on the scene was Aquatics, but the sport took some time to mature as its early activities were confined to an inter-house Water Polo league with High School students taking part. Early records show the winners of the league in 1921 to be Blanksby House and one of the members of the winning team to be Oscar "Ossie" Osberg. It was this stalwart together with Don Marais and an enthusiastic band of students who were instrumental in 1923 in forming the Technical High School Amateur Swimming Club.

Prominent amongst these students were "Toby" Howard, Rusty Stewart, Howard Baker, Rowley Hughes, O'Hallaran, MacFarlane and D.Bain. Thus it was with this background that the Tech Club, although not yet officially recognized by Swimming Administrators took its first step on the way to a long and illustrious career, with Don Marais as its first Chairman, D. Bain as Hon. Secretary and O.Osberg as Club Captain. With only two Clubs, Queens Park and Otter, taking part in the local Water Polo league at that time, the High School Club was invited by the Natal ASA to enter a team in the Durban section of the Natal under 21 league, which incidentally, with Ossie as their Captain, they won at their first attempt in open competition . Fired with this success and with the prospect of some of the students leaving school, the Club was re-constituted in November 1924, renamed the Technical High School Old Boys' Amateur Swimming Club, and still with the same officials in office and assisted by J . Franklin and Stanley Byrd, became affiliated to the Natal Amateur Swimming Association.

Although the High School title was retained, the constitution, thanks to the efforts of Toby Howard, Roley Hughes and Stan Foster, was amended to provide for the acceptance of Tech College students and amongst the early arrivals under this guise were Doug Alder and Bert Skellern. The biggest difficulty encountered by the Club in its early days was in obtaining a suitable place for Water Polo practice and Swimming training, for the only venue for Club nights in Durban was the old covered "Town Baths", and as all the available nights were used by Queens Park, Otter, Cygnus Ladies, and the Boy Scouts, the Tech Club had to use this bath daily at 5 p.m. during the week and the Beach Baths at the weekends. The old "Town Baths", erected in 1892, was an old fashioned primitive structure which did not allow for mixed bathing as the small changing booths opened straight on to the pool-side, some with small double swing doors and some no doors at all, but it was a great amenity for the local youth who had lots of fun there and it was there that hundreds were taught to swim. In the early 1950's the overhead structure was demolished and all that remains of the edifice is the open air "City Baths", still to be found next to Medwood Gardens in the City Central area.

At this time, at the start of the 1924/25 season, the emphasis was on Water Polo and the Club was accepted into the First Division of the Natal league, but the swimmers were also making a determined effort and thanks to the coaching assistance rendered to the Club during the weekends by Mrs. "Ma" Finlayson, they also made great progress in this, their first season, as a Natal Association affiliate. It is most gratifying to know that "Ma F inn's" efforts on behalf of swimming in this City, Province and Country, were appreciated by the Durban City Council, for the Beach Swimming Bath now bears her name "T he Rachel Finlayson Bath" and wilt thus help to perpetuate the memory of one who gave so much of herself to help our youth. During the first week of March 1925, the South African Amateur Swim­ming Union held its National Swimming and Diving Championships and Water Polo tournament in Durban. This annual event has always been known as the "Currie Cup" Tournament, despite the fact that the Currie Cup was donated for the winners of the Water Polo section.

This was the 21st such Tournament staged by the Union and it was fitting that the venue was Durba n for it was here that Tech members made their debut in inter-Provincial competition and gained places in the Natal Team. In the Programme of the Tournament, the name o f Mr. R. Greig ("Uncle Bob") appears as an Official , this serves as a remind er of another Tech stalwart who helped the students of the High School and College, and mem­bers of the Club for many years. The honour of being the first members to gain their Natal Colours goes to Ossie Osberg for Water Pol o and R.O. Stewart, S.H.C. Payne, R . Hugh es and A. de Burgh-Whyte for swimming, and it is pleasing to record that these four swimmers comprised the Natal Team in the Relay Championship. At the end of the 1924/25 season, a further title change was made by dropping the "High School" and the Club's name became the Tech Old Boys' A.S.C., and the Club became virtually an open Club.

Jack West was the Hon. Secretary at this time and he was instrumental in designing the first Club costume badge. Jack held this office for a couple of seasons and was followed by S.A .M. "Sam" Grainger, who held the reins for a marathon spell up to the outbreak of the Second World War and was on hand again to restart the Club in 1945 had come out of the war period recess. There is little on record o f the successes of Tech members in Natal Championships and Nata l Water Polo leagues over the years, but it has become common knowledge that Tech members have played a big part in the Administration of Aquatics in Natal and have done well in all competitions under the aegis of the Natal Association.

One thing is known and that is that Jack Wyman was the first Tech member to win a Provincial title, this he did by winning the Natal 220, 500 and 880 yards Freestyle Championships in the 1925/26 season, and followed this success by gaining third place in the 500 yds. Freestyle South African Championship in the 1926 Tournament held in Port Elizabeth, while accom­panying him as members of the Natal team were S.H .C. Payne, A . de Burgh· Whyte and Ossie Osberg. Jack Wyman's effort of winning the three long distance Natal Champion­ ships was repeated by him in the following two seasons, and this was repeated again by Wally l'ons in the 1929/30 season. These two members dominated middle and distance swimming in Natal for five seasons, with Jack going one better by annexing the 500 and 880 yards Freestyle South African Championships in East London in March 1927.

Mr. Alex Bulley

Club President - 1958 to 1974

Club Technical Adviser and/or Coach 1927-46

President NASA 1932-35 Vice President

SAASU Life President NASA 1970

Life Member SAASU Meritorious Service Awards Tech Club

Natal ASA College Sports Union

Olympic Games Council South African A.S.U. Gold Medal of Merit

S.A. Sports Foundation Coronation Medal of Merit by Queen Elizabeth II

"Helms" (USA) Award Coaching Achievement 

(5 World Records on Tour) 1953 to 1974 1961 to 1967 1971 1963 1961 1935 1960 1935 1970 1953 1966

Member F.I.N.A.'s International Technical Swimming Committee 1960-1972

Jack's success in the 880 yards event brought with it another "feather in his cap", for the stake of a friendly wager between himself and Alex Bulley (who was playing in his fifth season in the Natal Water Polo team), "was that if Wyman won the race, Alex would join the Tech," resulted in this becoming an established fact, and gave the Tech Club one of its most illustrious mem­bers.

The following season, 1927/28 was quite an eventful one for Tech, for the Club at last managed to hire the deep end of the Beach Bath on Friday nights for Club-nights and remained there for some years until an evening became available in the Town Baths and Club activities were transferred there.

Then the Water Polo team gained its first success in Natal Water Polo by winning the Mills Cup, with eight Natal players in their team. This feat they repeated in 1929, 1931, 1932, 1933 and 1934/5.

Also in 1927 the Durban Surf Life Saving Club was formed and Tech mem­bers were in the majority. These pioneers were certainly dedicated to Life­ Saving, for in the early period of the Surf Club's existence, the members bought their own costumes and paid for admittance to the change booths to enable them to "go on duty on the beaches." It was Councillor Tom Burman who first realized the club's potential and h e was instrumental in getting recognition and financial support from the Durban Corporation.

At the end of this season the Club's title was once again amended and the "Old Boys'" was dropped and the title Tech Amateur Swimming Club was adopted and is used to this day. The 1929 Tournament in Salisbury saw four swimmers and five Water Polo players from Tech in the Natal team, and the following year in Bloemfontein a further three swimmers and seven polo players with Alex Bulley as Captain, made the Provincial team. During the 1930/31 season Tech Colleye sport made great strides and five more sports' clubs were founded, men's and women's Hockey, Gymnastics, Boxing and Soccer. The latter two clubs only had a short but very successful career, but during their existence, gave a fine service to College Sport.

This season saw Water Polo gaining in popularity in the Club and teams were entered in the 1st and 2nd divisions of the league, eventually winning both sections. New names were appearing in the records, chief amongst whom were Lou Savage (who had a long and wonderful association with the Club, Natal and South Africa, both as a player and an Administrator) and Stan Foster. These two were in the Natal team at the 1931 Cape Town tourna­ment, Lou making his debut in Provincial Water Polo and Stan Foster winning the S.A. 200 yards Breast Stroke Championship and in a South African record time. The 1931 /32 Tournament was staged in Kimberley, and eight Tech mem­bers were in the Natal team. One was W.A. "Bill" Evans, the Club's first Diving representative and the other seven were in the Polo team. In two games they comprised the full Natal side and four of them were versatile enough to swim in the championships also, and in the final of the 200 yards Breast Stroke, Stan Foster, Lou Savage and Bert Skellern (who gained 3rd place) comprised half of the six swimmers i n this event.

The next step of importance in College sport was in 1932 with the forma­tion of the Natal Technical College Sports Union, when the sports clubs of the College organized themselves into this Union, under the Chairmanship of J.R. Sullivan (A former New Zealand "All Black" Rugby player). with E .T. Jones of the High School as Vice-Chairman, Harry Stacey (who later became President of the Natal Rugby Union) as Hon. Secretary and E. Taylor as Hon. Treasurer. Three re presentatives from each club served on the Committee, and the Clubs affiliated were Rugby, Cricket, Swimming (represented by Don Mara is, 'Split' Payne and Sam Grainger), Tennis, Hockey, Boxing, Soccer and Tech­nical High School. Throughout its long life the Sports Union was served by many distinguished personalities who made their mark on sport, not only in Durban and Natal but also in South Africa.

The introduction of Honour Awards by the Union to Sportsmen and Women for service to sport and representation in sport at Provincial and National level became a coveted and prized award and it is pleasing to record that no fewer than 113 members of the Swimming Club were recipients of these awards during the 39 years of the Un ion's existence. In this year, 1932 and in the 1932/33 season, the records reveal that swim­ming Club members were elected to senior positions in the Natal Association, with Alex Bulley as President (a position in which he served until 1935). and 'Split' Payne as Hon. Secretary. These two together with Don Marais and Stan Foster served on the Tournament Committee for the 1933 Currie Cup held in Du r ban, and together with Doug Alder, Sam Grainger, Godfrey Young and Bernie Smethurst, a ll acted as officials for the S.A.A.S.U.

The playing side was not neglected for 10 Tech members were in the Natal team, including Al ex Bulley (who acted as joint Manager with Otter's G.E. Godfrey). Bi ll Evans who gained 2nd place il' the Div i ng and eight Water Polo players. T he 1933/34 season saw 'Split' Payne doing well in swimming events and establishing a new Natal record for 100 yards freestyle, while Roy Gibson was an up and coming junior. Tech supplied seven members to the Natal team for the 1934 tournament in Pretoria, of which six were in the Water Polo side including Doug Alder as Captain and Bernie Smethurst as his vice. At the end of this season Don Marais was elected to the Executive of the S.A. Swimming Union.

He served as Vice-President under Gilbert Reynolds, President, during the period that the Union's Headquarters were in Durban up to the outbreak of the Second War. At t his time another Tech member was honoured by the S.A.A .S.U ., when Alex Bulley attended the 1934 British Empire Games in London, and acted as an official timekeeper in the Swimming Events and acted as the Union's delegate to the B.E. Swimming Con­ference. The Club's quota of members in the Natal team for the 1935 Currie Cup held in Port Elizabeth was one swimmer and five Water Polo players amongst whom was a new-comer, Horace Smethurst, who was to become a top Water Polo player but to be better known as a Springbok Soccer player and S.A. Captain.

Old Boys Water Polo Team Winners Natal A.S.A.'s Mills Cup - 1927/1928

Inset: D. Alder                         Inset: A. McKay

A.R. Bulley W.R. l'ons O. Osberg (Capt.) J. West Mr. D. Marais (President) A. Cole J. Wyman R .O. Stewart

In 1936 the tournament was held in Bulawayo and with Alex Bulley as Manager, Roy Gibson making his first Provincial appearance in the swimming team and four in the Water Polo team. Wally l'ons was Captain and Rath "Bundu" Wilson made his debut. Rath was also a Natal Rugby player who later migrated to Rhodesia and whose daughter, Hillary, annexed several S.A. Swimming titles in the 1950's. During the off-season the S.A. Hockey tournament was held in Durban and Don Marais was honoured by the Hockey Union by electing Don to the Presidency. The 1936/37 and 37/38 seasons were quiet ones and during this period the first mention of a women's section of the Club appears in the records, and it would appear that the majority of these members came from the Hockey section.

One familiar name appeared, Pat Smethurst, who was to become very famous in her own right as she was later a Springbok Hockey player and Captain, had two Springbok Soccer player brothers, Horace and Norman, married a Springbok Rugby Captain, Felix du Plessis and together they produced another Springbok Rugby player, who is playing today, Morne. A great family, the Smethursts! In 1937 the tournament venue was the Transvaal (Ellis Park and Benoni) and the Club supplied the Manager, a swimmer, and five Water Polo players.

For the first time Tech was not represented in the Natal swimming team at the 1938 tournament held in East London, but suppl ied the Manager, Wally l'ons, who had done great service to Natal as a swimmer and player for a number of years, and three Water Polo players. At the end of this season, Tech College sport received another honour, when Alex Bulley (Swimming) and Bill Latham (Boxing) were appointed sub­ Managers under Ira Emery as Manager, to th:South African team which competed in the 1938 British Empire Games in Sydney. In addition, Alex acted as Swimming Adviser and Bill as trainer of the Boxers.

The 1939 tournament in Bloemfontein saw the Club provide its second Diving competitor, H. Kelly, and the two Smethurst brothers were in the Water Polo team. A month later, a team of three Australian Swimmers toured the Country, and at the end of the tour competed against South Africa i n a Test. George May of Queens Park was in the S.A. team and Tech's Alex Bulley was the S.A. Manager. Later in the year, war clouds drifted across Europe and South Africa also became involved. Little appears in the records at this time but the 1940 tournament was held in Cape Town, and "Rusty" Stewart (Player/Manager) and Godfrey Young were in the Natal Water Polo team . It is interesting to relate something about our Water Polo players, taken from war records of sporting activities.

During the war, the South African Water Polo team, formed at various times as different Units, passed through the Helwan transit camp (Cairo, Egypt) going to and tro to the Desert and Italy were never beaten by a service side, although playing several matches against the Egyptian Army, Egyptian sides, British Army, The Royal Air Force and the New Zealanders. Amongst the list of players who are listed to have represented South Africa were Bernie and Horace Smethurst of Tech. During the war period of 1941 to 1945 no tournaments were held. In early 1945 efforts were made to restart activities and it is recorded that "Sam" Grainger was once more prevailed upon to assist the Club as Hon. Secretary to get back on its feet. Ossie Osberg was in the Chair, Bernie Smethurst was Club Captain and Les Rycroft handled the finances. Tommy Martin threw in his lot with Tech and has served the Club as Chairman for many years and is still in this office.

The first post-war tournament was held in Pretoria in February 1946, with Alex Bulley, Natal Manager, Bernie Smethurst and Godfrey Young of the pre-war vintage and Joe Coli, Alf Littler and Bill Scotney, all new to the, while Shirley Rawstorne who gained 3rd place in the Women's 100 yds. Freestyle Championship, our first woman inter-Provincial member. At the end of this season Doods and Alex Bulley were transferred to Port Elizabeth and their services were lost to the Club for a few years.

In 1947 the tournament venue was Port Elizabeth and two newcomers were in the Swimming team, Des Wood and Des Collopy, and these two also play ed in the Water Polo team, with three other Tech members. The present generation needs no introduction to Des Collopy for he is "still in the game." His family has all followed him to Tech at some period and his son Don has already played for Natal . Des has won his Springbok Colours for Water Polo and Surf Life-Saving and still helps in the Administra· tion side of both sports. In July 1947 Sam Grainger performed his final act as an official of the Club, when he arranged a Special Welcome Dinner to celebrate the return of our members who had been on service during the War. This function, with Don Marais in the Chair, was held at the old Central Hotel, a landmark recently demolished. At this time of our history a sad but proud note must be introduced, and it is recorded that the Club lost a fine member and great young sportsman, Roy Gibson, who was killed in Action "during the war while serving in the Airforce". Little is found in the records about the Club's activities tor a few seasons during the "resettling and restarting" period after the war, but we do know that Club activities continued in the Beach Baths, including swimming off of Club Championship and Water Polo games in the inter-House league.

In 1948 the Club was again represented in the Natal team in the Salisbury tournament by two swimmers and two Water Polo playe rs. Th e 1949 tournament was held for the first and only time in Pietermaritz· burg, and it is fitting to record that our only swimming representative, Shirley Rawstorne won the 100 yards, was 3rd in the 220 yards and 3rd in the 500 yards Freestyle Championships, and Alf Littler and Des Woods were again in the Water Polo side.

The Currie Cup tournament of 1950 held in Kimberley saw the Club with only one Water Polo player and Shirley Rawstorne, who gained second places in the 100 and 220 yards Freestyle, as our swimmer. Later in this year. After winning the 100 yards and getting second place in the 440 yards at Union trials,Shirley was nominated for a place in the South African team to compete in the 1950 British Empire Games held in Auckland, but unfortunately, owing to the lack of funds, she was not selected by the Council. Alex Bulley accompanied the team as Assistant Manager and Swimming Coach.

In 1951 Natal had a very successful tournament which was held at East London, winning the Currie Cup, the Ellis Brown Aggregate and both the Men's and Women's Freestyle relays. Shirley was our only swimmer, Alf littler was again in the Water Polo side accompanied by a newcomer Ralph Fagan, who was yet another member who later became a Surf Springbok and whose family have since all been members of the Club. · The 1952 Tournament in Cape Town was a very important one, for the competitions were also trials for the Olympic Games to be held in Helsinki. Shirley was again our only swimmer gaining 3rd place in each of the 200m and 400m Freestyle. Three Club Water Polo players were in the Natal side, two of whom Ralph Fagan and Alf Littler played in the final trials. Alex Bulley was again S.A. Team Sub-Manager for the Water Polo side and Coach to the Swimmers. Frank Butler, then with Transvaal, was in the Polo side and Joan Harrison of Border won South Africa's first and only Olympic Gold Medal by winning the Women's 100 metres Backstroke.

In the 1952/53 season, the Buck family were assisting the Club and from the records we learn that Charles was Club Captain for four seasons and Elaine held the office of Hon . Secretary, together with Ann Fairley, for the same period. Then followed Doods Bulley for part of 1955/56 season and then carried on in this office right up to 1972, with the exception of the 1961/62 season, when Tony Dumas held the post while she was overseas on holiday.

The 1953 tournament was held in Johannesburg and new names from Tech were in the Natal team. Of the three Swimmers, Peter Price and Derek Staples (here with Tech from E.P. for two seasons, and who gained a 3rd place in the 220 yards Butterfly and the 1650 yards Freestyle) were new, while the five Water Polo players included two first-timers in Billy Joyce and Dennis Smith. Incidentally, Tech won both the 1st and 2nd Divisions in the Natal Water Polo leagues during this season, and continued the good work the following year.

In the 1953/54 season, first mention is made of Synchro/ Water Ballet, for the records show that Tech girls gave an exhibition at Margate, and then followed this by taking part in the next couple of seasons in the Easter Ballet/Follies held in the Beach Baths. Also from the Club records we learn that a young girl from Newcastle had joined the Club and was an immediate sensation, carrying all before her in the Natal Championships and repeated this in the Nationals held in Port Elizabeth in 1954, when the Club was represented by two swimmers and four Water Polo players. This little lady was none other than Maggie Petzer, who was 2nd in the 100 yards, won the 220 yards, the 440 yards and the 880 yard Freestyle Championships at her first inter-Provincial competition. Ronnie Fincham and H. "Fish" Rodwell were new to the Polo side. Maggie's efforts carried her into the S.A. Empire Games team which competed in Vancouver, Canada, where she was in the winning team in the Freestyle Relay and in the team which finished 2nd in the Medley Relay and in the individual Freestyle events, came 5th in the 110 yards and 4th in the 440 yards. Her coach, Alex Bulley accompanied the Team as Manager and Swim­ming Coach.

Tech. Swimming Relay Team Winners N.A.S.A. Dewar Shield- 1935/36

Roy Gibson, Mr.Don Marais (President), W.G.Payne, S.H.C.Payne,  B.Smethurst


Aquatics was greatly curtailed in the 1954/55 season, when no Junior swimming was allowed in Natal owing to an outbreak of polio. Nevertheless, the Tournament was held in Pretoria and the Club had two swimming and two Water Polo representatives. Once again the tournament was staged in Durban in 1956, when the Club had four members in the Polo side and two newcomers in George Galanos and Barbara Risk in the Swimming events. Alex Bulley was again selected as Manager and Coach for the S.A. Olympic team for the 1956 Games held in Melbourne.

During the 1955/56 season, owing to the difficulty in catering for all sections of the Club, the Men's Club night was very much curtailed and it was therefore decided to transfer Club activities to the "Tesoriere" Bath, a new district bath at Congella. The first Club night was held at this pool on Friday 12th October, 1956. With the change of venue, our membership was greatly reduced as a big majority, particularly Durban North residents, joined the North Durban Club, newly formed at this time by Elaine and Charles Buck.

Our representation at the 1957 tournament in Bulawayo was poor, only three Polo players making the Natal side, while in the following year in the 1958 East London tournament we had no Polo representation, but had newcomers in the Swimming team, Marjorie Frank, Barbara Risk, Diane Trevethan and John Snoep, who all did fine service for the Club for many seasons. At this time the Club Coach had Tich Mclachlan under his wing, despite the fact that Tich was resident in Pietermaritzburg and although Tich was not a Club member in 1958, it is with pleasure that it is recorded that he was selected to represent South Africa at the Commonwealth Games held in Cardiff (Wales).

After two years of settling in to a new environment, the Club showed signs of regaining lost ground in the 1958/59 season. Records show that a batch of junior girls were "up and coming", for Merle Van Reenen (Back­ stroke), Diane Trevethan (Breaststroke), Marjorie Frank (Butterfly) and Barbara Risk (Freestyle) won both the Junior and Senior Natal Medley Relay Championships and both in Natal record time.

At the tournament in Johannesburg in 1959 the Club had five swimmers in the Natal team. Tich Mclachlan (now with the Club) won the 220 yards, the 440 yards, the 1650 yards and 3rd in the 100 yards Freestyle and was 2nd in the 400 yard Ind. Medley. Tony Dumas made two finals and both were in the Natal team which won the 4 x 200 yards Freestyle Relay. In the Water Polo team, Dennis Port made his first appearance. (He was to become one of South Africa's great players and also a fine Club member for many years). The team Manager was Bill Scotney and Captain was Frank Butler Tech(now with Tech) who later in 1959 was a member of the Springbok Water Polo team which toured Europe.

Water Polo Team Winners N.A.S.A's Mills Cup - 1934/35

A.E. Cole B. Smethurst W.G. Payne Lou Savage E.H. Smethurst

W.R. l'ons Alex Bulley (Coach)  W.D. Alder (Capt.)  D. Marais (President) G. Cordes

The 1959/60 season saw a continued improvement in Tech Club Swim­ming, signs of this was confirmed when Tech won the Mens', Womens',Boys and tied in the Girls sections of the Southern District's Swimming league.

This was again shown with the selection of the Natal team for the 1960 tournament in Cape Town, when 6 men and 6 women were included. Tich won the 200m, 400m, 1500m Freestyle, the 400m Ind. Medley, (all in S.A. record times) and was placed 2nd in the 100m Freestyle. He made the final of the 1OOm Backstroke and 200m Butterfly events, but had to scratch. Tony Dumas did well, swimming into four Freestyle finals, while Marjorie Frank gained 2nd place in the 400(1 Ind. Medley, and made 3 other finals, it was pleasing to note that more newcomers came into the team, Lynn Suther­ land (3 finals). Her sister Jenny, Eric Carlson (4th in the 1500m). Ronnie Duff, Tony Jeffries (1 Final) and John Snoep (4th in the 100m Backstroke) . Frank Butler (Captain) and Dennis Port were again both in the Polo team, and at the end of the tournament, Frank was selected for the S.A. Team, as Captain, for the 1960 Rome Olympic Gdmes. Two other Tech members were also in the S.A. team, Alex Bulley as Manager of the Water Polo side, and Manager/Coach of the Swimming team, of which Tich was also a member,and who did remarkably well gaining a Diploma for sixth place in the finals of the 400m and 1500m Freestyle events.

The 1960 tournament was the first one staged by the new Union Executive consisting of Neville Gracie (President). Alex Bulley (Vice-President). Cecil Bradley (Hon Secretary). Alan Mclachlan (Hon. Treasurer) and Lou Savage (extra member) and it is pleasing to record that all these gentlemen were at one time or another closely associated with Tech.

The 1960/61 season had a pleasant send-off for the Tech Club when its President, Alex Bulley, was honoured by the Durban City Council on the 5th November, 1960, when the new district pool at Woodlands was opened and at the ceremony was named "The Alex Bulley Bath" in recognition of his services to Swimming. During the season a high standard was maintained and the Club once again won all four sections of the Southern Districts Swimming league, and in 1961 once again had 12 members (6 men and 6 women) in the Natal Swim­ming team. The tournament was staged in the "Karen Muir" pool in Kim­berley, and Tech representatives did well. Marjorie Frank gained 2nd place in the 110 yards Butterfly, Lynn Sutherland a 3rd place in the 110 yards Backstroke, Peter Lindegger made the Breaststroke final and swam this leg in Natal's Medley Relay team which won the event in S.A. Record time, Tony Jeffries did the Butterfly leg and Tich the Backstroke leg. Natal represented by four Tech members, McLachlan, Kuhlmey, Dumas and Carlson also won the 880 yards Freestyle relay in S.A. Record time. Dereck Kuhlmey (2 finals). Eric Carlson (2 finals) also did well in individual championships, while Tich was superb and won the "Harry Getz" Trophy for the Best Male Swimmer, with 1st place in 220 yards and 440 yards Freestyle, 440 yards Ind. Medley all in S.A . Record times, 1st in the 1650 yard Freestyle, 3rd place in the 110 yards Backstroke and 4th in the 110 yards Freestyle.


Murray Lang 'Tich' Mclachlan

Penguins -Tech - Natal University - Oxford (Eng) - Otters (London) - Natal and South Africa

1955-61 Records SA 8 - Natal 11 - Junior  43 - Senior 37  - A.S.A.(Eng) - 1

1955-61 Championships S.D.A .S.A. 5 Natal 5 26 A.S.A . 1

1958 Empire Games Cardiff 400y Free - 4th; 1650y - 3rd.

1960 Olympic Games Rome 400mFree 6th; 1500m 6th

1961 World Student Games 400m Free 2nd; 1500m 1st* Sofia * World Student Record

1963 World Student Games 400m Free 2nd; 1500m 3rd Brazil

Dennis Port was again in the Polo side, and he had with him a new Tech member, Doug Hill. I n June 1961 Tich left for Oxford, having won a Rhodes Scholarship and he was sadly missed by the Club, Natal and South Africa . The 1962 tournament in Cape Town was held at Newlands Pool, a very modern Olympic size structure. Again Tech had fourteen members in the Nata!ieam, 7 men and 5 women in the swimming and Dennis Port and Derek Fyffe in the Water Polo side.

A newcomer in Lester Kitto made the Men's team, while Peter Lindegger (3 finals), Eric Carlson (2 finals), Tony Jeffries (2 finals) and Dereck Kuhlmey gaining 3rd place in the 220 yards Backstroke and making five other finals were all prominent. The women had a newcomer in Cynthia Kuhlmey (Dereck's sister) and outstanding in this section were Lynn Sutherland with a 2nd place in the 220 yards and. 3rd in the 110 yards Backstroke events, Marjorie Frank 4th in both the 110 yards Butterfly and 440 yards Ind. Med·ley, and Diane Trevethan who made the 220 yards Breaststroke final. During the 1962/63 season two touring teams visited this Country and 'Tests' were held and records show that a Test and Triangular Match was held in March 1963 in Durban, when Dawn Roxburgh was in the S.A. team and Lynn Sutherland, Marjorie Frank and Carol During competed for Natal.

In November of that year a Water Polo Test was staged and Cedric Savage and Gordon Knapp were in the Springbok side versus West Germany. At the same date and venue Nata l played Eastern Transvaal and Frank Butler, Denn is Port and Barry Edwards were in the Natal side. The March 1963 'Currie Cup' was held in Pretoria and 5 men and 6 women represented Natal Swimming and Barry Edwards, Wayne Bean and Dennis Port were in the Polo side. In the Men's events all did well, Lester Kitto (1 final), Eric Carlson (2 finals). Tony Jefferies (2 finals), Owen Van Reenen (1 final),while Dereck Kuhlmey was outstanding. He won the 110 yards and was second in the 220 yards Backstroke championships, and made the finals of the 110, 220 arid 440 yards Freestyle events.

In the Women's events, Marjorie Frank {2 finals) and Lynn Sutherland (1 final) did satisfactorily and had with them, Joyce Van Reenen and Lynn Coppin, promising juniors. In 1964 the venue of the tournament was in another new Olympic Pool in Port Elizabeth at Newton Park. The Tech supplied two newcomers in Alan Morrison and Brenda Jackson (1 final), together with Owen Van Reenen (1 final). Lynn Coppin (1 final). Carol During and Dereck Kuhlmey for Swimming. Dereck again did well being placed 2nd in the 110 yards Back­ stroke and made two other finals. Dennis Port and Tony Dumas were in the Polo side. Water Polo was catered for in this year, West Germany again visiting South Africa and Dennis Port and Cedric Savage were in the Springbok team.

A South African Swimming team toured Europe and England during July/August and Alex Bulley was again appointed Manager and Coach and Tich Mclachlan joined the team in England. In the 1964/65 season, West Germany again sent a team to South Africa,this t me a Swimming team. A test was held in Johannesburg and Ricky Colepepper was in the Springbok team.

Lee McGregor

Transvaal -Natal -Western Province- Tech A.S.C. -

1968 -71 Records - Natal 33; S.A. 21; Championships - Natal 18; S.A. 12

1970-1971-1972 S.A. Nationals "Best Male Swimmer" Trophy

1971 S.A.A.S.U. "Best Swimmer of the Year" Trophy

1969 Springbok Colours S.A. Surf Team v Australia S.A. Swimming Team v Rhodesia in S.A. (3 Tests) S.A. Swimming Team Tour to Europe

1970 S.A. Swimming Team v Australia in S.A. (3 Tests)

1971 S.A. Swimming Team v Rhodesia in S.A. (4 Tests)

1972 S.A. Swimming Team Tour to Rhodesia (3 Tests)

1971·72 Dept. of Sport Award of Merit

The National tournament was held in Salisbury in 1965 and Tech Water Polo representatives were Frank Butler (Captain). D. Port, G. Knapp, Tich Mclachlan (also swimming) and J. Sutherland, who was nominated as one of the Best Eleven players at the tournament. In the Swimming, Brenda Jackson was 3rd in the 110 yards Freestyle, two newcomers were placed, Alistair Hatfield 2nd in the 110 yards Freestyle and Michael Bolstridge 3rd in the 220 yards Butterfly, while also finishing 6th in the 110 yards Butterfly. Dereck Kuhlmey was second in the 1 10 yards Backstroke and made the final in each of his other four events, when he, Alistair and Tich were in the Natal 880 yards Relay winning team.

Later in 1965 another S.A. Swimming team was sent to Europe and England. Tech had three members, Alex Bulley (Manager/Coach), Doods Bulley (Chaperone) and Ricky Colepepper (Freestyle) with the team. Dereck Kuhlmey and Brenda Jackson were both chosen as reserves but unfortunately did not travel. The venue of the 1966 tournament was Durban, when Kiki Caron (France) and Cathy Ferguson (U .S.A.) both competed. Tech had eight swimmers and six Water Polo players in the Natal Team.

In the Currie Cup Natal 'A' with Cedric Savage (Capt.). B. Edwards, G. Knapp and D. Port of Tech shared the trophy, while in the 'B' team Len Seimon and Rod Curtin were players. Tech had two newcomers in the Swimming, Melanie Hatfield (sister ofAlistair) and Derek Coetze (from E.P.). Brenda Jackson (1 final), Lynn Coppin ( 1 final). Michael Bolstridge, sixth in the 110 yards and 3rd place in the 220 yards Butterfly events, Dereck Kuhlmey in four finals and Derek ·Coetze 1st in the 110 yards and 2nd in the 220 yards Breaststroke events, all did well. I n July/August of 1966 another Sou th African Swimming team touredFrance, USA and Canada, with Alex Bulley (Manager/Coach) and Doods Bulley as Chaperone. Derek Coetze was chosen as a Reserve but did not travel. At the same time a Water Polo side went on Tour to Europe and Tech players in the team were Dennis Port, Cedric Savage and Gordon Knapp.

The year 1967 was quite an eventful one for Swimming and Water Polo. The National tournament was held in Johannesburg and the Club had three swimmers and two Polo players in the Natal team. Of the Swimmers, Owen Van Reenen made three finals and Michael Bolstridge was placed 3rd in the 110 yards and 2nd in the 220 yards Butterfly events. In the Water Polo team were Dennis Port and Cedric Savage. Cedric was the Captain and was also chosen as one of the "Best Eleven" players. A Canadian team also took part in the Nationals. One of the members, Elaine Tanner, arrived earlier and toured the Country and Doods Bulley accompanied her as Chaperone. Later that year a Springbok swimming team again toured Europe with Alex Bulley (Manager and Coach) and Doods Bulley (Chaperone). Then it was the turn of Water Polo again and first Holland toured, when Cedric Savage and Gordon Knapp played in the Springbok team against them and an Australian team called, and matches were played against them by South Africa and Natal. Gordon Knapp and Cedric Savage were again in the Springbok team, and both of these players, together with Dennis Port, played in the Natal team.

The 1968 National tournament venue was Bloemfontein, where another new Olympic size pool, the Stadium pool, had been built. Natal were runners-up in the Currie Cup with Barry Edwards, Gordon Knapp and Dennis Port in the side. The swimmers did well with Owen Van Reenen making four finals, Ricky Colepepper one and Michael Bolstridge being placed 2nd in both the 100m and 200m Butterfly championships. This was a fine season (1967/68) for Tech when Michael Bolstridge gained his Springbok colours,- being chosen to swim in three tests against Rhodesia on a tour of that count y, to play locally, Brian Daley, Michael Samuel, Dereck Kuhlmey and Ced ric Savage and swimmers were selected to represent Natal in "Match" galas, Debbie Sichel, Gillian Weedon and Gustave Terblanche, being the ones involved.

The 1969 tournament was held in Cape Town and of the six Tech swimmers, five were newcomers, all doing well. Michael Bolstridge was placed 3rd in each of the 220 yards Freestyle and 220 yards Butterfly and made another two finals; Lee McGregor (who later crashed into the top flight of South African swimming) was placed 3rd in the 110 yards, 2nd in the 220 yards Backstroke events, 2nd in the 220 yards Ind. Medley and made the final of the 110 and 220 yard Freestyle; Melanie Tearle, a visitor from Lon­ don, was 3rd in the 220 yards Butterfly and made another final; Debbie Sichel, one final, and Jill Duncan and Glynnis Vaughan also gained much experience. Prior to the 1969 Nationals a Rhodesian touring team took part in three Tests against South Africa and Lee McGregor won his first Springbok Colours. Later in that year a full Springbok team toured Holland and West Germany and again Lee was in the swimming team. It was in this year that he gained his South African colours for Surf-Lifesaving and thus became a double Springbok.

The venue for the 1970 Currie Cup and Nationals was Pretoria, when Synchro Swimming was included for the first time. Natal finished third in the Currie Cup with only Brian Daley from Tech. The Club's Synchro girls did well, Beverley Martin getting 2nd in the stunts, 2nd in the Solos, 2nd in the duets with her sister Aileen, while Aileen was 6th in the Stunts, formed the Duet with Bev, and both were in the Natal Team which won the Group. Four Club swimmers were in the team, Jill Duncan was in four finals, finishing 6th and 4th in the 400m and 800m Freestyle events respectively, Michael Bolstridge made three finals, Anthony Mellon, two finals and Lee McGregor was awarded the trophy for the Best Male Swimmer, with firsts in the 100m and 200m Backstroke events, a first in the 200m Ind. Medley, 3rd place in the 200m Breaststroke and fifth in the 200m Freestyle. Later that month an Australian Swimming team toured the Republic and competed in three Tests against South Africa. Lee was again in the Springbok team and performed very creditably in all three Tests.

With the 1971 tournament coinciding with the Republic Sports Festival the venue was again Cape Town. In the swimming, Bruce Hook (a newcomer) finished 5th in the 400m Ind. Medley; Jill Duncan made 3 finals, including the 400m Ind. Medley in which she finished 4th, and Lee McGregor, all performed well. Lee again won the Best Male Swimmer Trophy, winning the 100m and 200m Backstroke, 200m Ind. Medley, 200m and 1500m Freestyle and finish ing 4th in the 100m Butterfly final. In the Water Polo, Natal finished third with Brian Daly and Keith Krumm in the team and Keith also acted as Manager. The Club's representatives in the Synchro were again the Martin sisters, Beverley placing 5th in the Stunts, 4th in the Solos, 2nd Duets (with Aileen); Aileen 4th in the Stunts, 2nd in Solos, 2nd Duets (with Bev.) and both were in the Natal winning group. Rhodesia again toured the Republic and took part in four Tests against South Afr ica. Lee McGregor was again in the Springbok team. His efforts during this season brought another honour his way, when he was awarded the Dept. of Sports "Award of Merit"

During the 1971 off-season, Synchro Swimming got its first break into Internationa l competition, when Aileen Martin (Tech) and Gillian Buck (Synchronettes) became the first Springbok Synchro Swimmers, when they were sent to Vancouver (Canada) to represent South Africa in an Inter­ National competition. In December 1971 the Natal Technical College Sports Union was dis­ banded, and sports affairs transferred to the Natal College for Advanced Technical Education. The following year the College, together with the Physical Education Section, instituted a new Trophy, the "Bob Williams Administrator of the Year" Trophy, and this honour went to the Swimming Club, when Alex Bulley won the award. Early in the 1971/72 season, two more young Tech swimmers were selected for Natal in "Match" events at Pretoria (T. and N .T.) and in Brakpan (E.T.), with Bridget Zietkiewicz (u.14) and Margo Maltby (u.16). This was followed in December with a Natal Water Polo team being chosen to play Combined Universities in Durban. Dennis Port, Manager, Roy Brown, Brian Daly, Arthur Gower and Ivan Linde from Tech took part.

In January 1972 a South African team toured Rhodesia and took part in three Tests. Lee McGregor was again in the Springbok team. In March of this year the tournament was held in Port Elizabeth with Bruce Hook our sole representative. Bruce did well, making three finals in his five swims. At this time, Lee McGregor was doing his Army training in Cape Town and was swimming in the Western Province team, but as he again did so well, his efforts are recorded here. Lee won the 100m Backstroke, the 200m and 400m Ind. Medley, the 1500m Freestyle, 2nd place in the 200m Backstroke, 3rd in the 200m Freestyle and 4th in the 100m Freestyle. His great swimming again won for him the Best Male Trophy, and at the conclusion of the tournament he was awarded the "Best Performance" Trophy for the year 1971 . In the Water Polo Log, Natal were runners-up again and to the team,Tech supplied Keith Krumm (as Manager), Brian Daley and Arthur Gower. The Tech girls supplied three for the Natal Synchro team,which again won the Group, with the Duets won by Bev. and Aileen Martin and 6th place going to Jane Cochran (assisted by S. Barrell); in the Stunts Bev was 2nd Aileen first and Jane 10th, in the Solos Bev was 3rd, Aileen 2nd and Jane ninth.

Another Synchro visit came about in July 1972 when four women were sent to the USA to take part in the Santa Clara International. Beverley and Aileen Martin of Tech and two Synchronettes, Gillian Buck and Lynn Danre, made up the Springbok team. During August and September the 1972 Olympic Games took place in Munich. . The amenities were magnificent and all the various Sports well presented, unfortunately a tragic incident marred the closing days. Alex Bulley acted as a Judge in the Swimming events and this official duty conclu­ ded his twelve years of service on the International Technical Swimming Com­ comittee of F.I.N.A.,the World controlling body of swimming. The 1972/73 season cannot be concluded without reference to another protege of the Club, Andrew Sutherland, who was twice selected to play in the Natal 'B' Water Polo team during this season. In his earlier days Andrew was no mean swimmer, winning several Club Championships as a Junior and who also, as a Junior, won Springbok colours for Surf-Life saving. He later became .a Senior Springbok and competed for South Africa on another two occasions.

The venue for the 1973 Nationals and Currie Cup was Bulawayo, which saw eight Club members in the Natal team. In the Swimming, Bridget Zietkiewicz made her debut and Bruce Hook did well, being placed 3rd in both the 200m and 400m Ind. Medley and finished 6th in the 1OOm Backstroke final. The Polo team was placed second with Keith Krumm as Player/Manager and Brian·Daley Mrs. Phyllis Martin accompanied the Synchro team as Manageress. Natal again won the Group,the Martin sisters were 2nd in the Duets,Jane Cochran (with Tony Parker) placed 4t_h. In the Stunts Bev was 3rd, Aileen 4th and finally in the Solos,Aileen was 2nd,Bev 4th and Jane again ninth. The following month the R.S.A. Games was staged in Pretoria and the Martin sisters were both in the South African team in the Synchro section, when the Springboks won the Group (Martin & Davis sisters),Martins second in Duets, and Aileen second in the Stunts and third in the Solos. Great Britain and West Germany also took part. In the Water Polo International at the Games, South Africa played West Germany and Brian Daley,a fine Tech stalwart, won his Springbok colours and made a f ine debut into International competition.

The venue for the 1974 tournament was Bloemfontein and Natal took two Water Polo teams. Keith Krumm was Manager of the 'A' and the 'B' team, which finished second, saw Keith Bezuidenhout as Captain and Bazil Johnson from Tech in the side. Natal continued to dominate the Synchro and the Martin sisters and Jane Cochran were again in the winning team. Beverley and Aileen won the Duets with Jane 3rd (with K. Edmunds). I n the Stunts, Beverley won with Aileen 2nd and Jane 9th. The Solos were won by Aileen with Bev 3rd and Jane again ninth. I n April, Durban was the venue for an International between South Af rica and Rhodesia, and competitions in all four disciplines were held . Beverley Martin dominated the Synchro when she and Aileen won the Duets and Bev also won the Stunts and Solos and Aileen 3rd in the Stunts and 2nd in the Solos. With these events concluded the 1973/74 season.

The story is told - and if important events or the names of important members, particularly the "Back room" Officials who have assisted over the years, have been omitted from this chronicle, the present Committee members offer sincere apologies and also offer their thanks to all Past and Present members of the Tech Amateur Swimming Club for the part they have played in making the writing of this History possible.


Past and Present Members


NATAL REPRESEN TATIVES SWIMMING AND DIVING Adnams, Coleen Bassett, Cynthia Bolstridge, Michael Brookfield, Christine Buck, Derek Burt, Alan Carlson, Eric Cheadle, Halton Cobbledick, Dawn (Jun) Coetzer, Derek Coppin, Lynn Colepepper, Rickie Collopy, Des De Burgh·Whyte, A. Duff, Ronnie Dumas, Tony Duncan, Jill Duuring, Carol Evans, Bi ll Evans, G. Ripley· Fi ncham , Ronnie Foster, Stan Frank, Marjorie Galanos, George Gibson, Roy Hatfield, Alista i r Hatfield, Melanie Hill, Doug Holmes, Eve Hook, Bruce Hughes, Rowley l'ons, Wally Jackson, Brenda Jeffri es, Tony Kelly , H. "Bert" Kitto, Lester Kozinsky, Joe Kuhlmey, Cynthia Kuhlmey, Dereck Lindegger, Peter Maltby, Margo McGregor, Lee Mclachlan, Tich Meintjies, Adriaan Mellon, Anthony Morrison, Allan Osberg, Oscar Payne, Bill Payne, 'Split' (S.H .C.) Pearson, Cheryl Petzer, Maggie Price, Peter Rawstorne, Shirley Ricklan, Ernie Risk, Barbara Savage, Lou Schaffer, Helen Sichel, Debby Skellern, Bert Snoep,John Stapl es, Derek Stewart "Rusty" (R.O.) Stretch , Ann Sutherland, Jenny Sutherland, Lynne Tearle, Melanie Terblanche, Gustave Trevethan, Diane Vander Kar, Edd ie Van Reenen, Joyce Van Reenen, Merle Van Reenen, Owen Vaughan, Glynnis Weedon, Gillian Wood , Des Wyman, Jack Zietkiewicz, Bridget

WATER POLO Alder, Doug Bean, Wayne Berry, Derek Bezuidenhout, Keith Brown, Roy Bulley, A i ex Burt, Alan Butler, Frank Chait, Anthony Chait, Peter Cole, Arthur Coli, Joe Collins, Roger Collopy, Des Collopy, Don Cordes, George Curtin, Rodney Daley, Brian Dumas, Tony East, Les Edwards, Barry Fagan, Ralph Fincham, Ronnie Buck, Elaine (Mrs.) Buck, Gillian Cochran, Jane Bekke r, Francois Butler, Wendy Cobbl edick, Dawn Dougall, Robert Duncan, Jill Grimm, Lutz Hawkins, Glen Hawkey, Dougl as Du Waal, H. Fencing Hambly, Denise Hockey Hook, 'AIf' A.M.Boxing Lona, Rennie Rugby Bolstridge, Michael Colepepper, Ricky Butler, Frank Bulley, Alex (Manager) Collopy, Des Daley. Brian Forsd ick, Richard Foster, Stan Fyfe, Derek Gower, Arthur Hastings, Gregory Hill, Doug Hook, Bruce Hopk ins, Derek l'ons, Wally Johnstone, Bazil Joyce, Billy Knapp, Gordon Kozinsky, Joe Krumm, Keith Kuhl mey, Dereck Linde, Ivan Littler, A I f Lona, Derek Mclachlan, M.M."Tich" Osberg, Ossi e Parker, Barry Payne, W.G. Port, Dennis

SYNCHRO SWIMMING Martin, Aileen Martin, Beverley Martin, Phyllis (Mrs.)

LIFE-SAVING Hold, Allan Hold, Mark Parker, Pam Parker, Toni Pet, Jenny Reed , Susan Rudol ph, Michael Schaffer. Helen

OTHER SPORTS Marais, Peter Hockey/Cricket Ox l ee, Keith Rugby Schaffer, Wendy ·Hockey Smethurst, Bernie Boxing




McGregor, Lee

Mclachlan, Murray 'Tich'


Knapp, Gordon Linde, Ivan Port, Dennis Sutherland, Jimmy Price, Peter ·' Ricklan, Ernie Rodwell, "Fish" H. Savage, Cedric Savage, Lou Samuel, Michael Scotney, W.R. "Bill" Seimon, Leonard Skellern, Bert Smethurst, Horace Smethurst, Bernie Smith, Dennis Stewart, "Rusty" R .O. Sutherli\ nd, Andrew Sutherland, Jimmy Vander Kar, Eddie West, Jack Wilson, R. "Bundu" Wood, Des Wyman , Jack Young, Godfrey Parker, Tony (Miss) Shepstone, Nigel Speedy, Jo·Anne Tearle, Melanie VanWyk, Eugene Waters, Pamela Weedon, Gillian Weyers, Gerda Tomkins, Sandra Hockey Williams, R.J. "Bob" Cricket/Rugby Petzer, Maggie Roxburgh, Dawn Staples, Derek Savage, Cedric Bean, Wayne Bowman,Peter Burt, Alan Carlson, Eric Colepepper, Ricky Collopy, Des SURF·LIFE SAVING Cook Neville Dumas,Tony Edwards,Barry Fagan, Ralph Kitto, Lester Kuhlmey, Dereck Lona, Rennie McGregor, Lee Ricklan, Ernie Scotney, W.R. "Bill" Sutherland, Andrew SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING Buck, Gillian Martin,A ileen Martin,Beverley Trampoline Vander Merwe,Char lene Pentathlon Richard Logan Cricket Williams, R.J.'Bob' OTHER SPORTS Soccer Smethurst, Horace Rugby Oxlee, Keith Hockey (Women) Smethurst,Pat Swimming Maccabi Games Liepner, Barbara Sichel, Debby Water Polo Port, Dennis OFFICIALS Manager-Coach Alex Bulley (11 tours) Chaperone Doods Bulley (3 tours)

TECH A.S.C.MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDS Bulley,Alex Bulley,E.M.' Doods" Collins,Lyn Collins,Norma Daley,Brian Frank, Ivan Hambly, George Hambly, lsobel Hambly, Lyn Harding, F. John Kendrick,Jo-Anne Leppens,Joan Martin, Tommy A. Martin,Phyllis Pearson, Bob Scotney, Allan 'Pop' Scotney,Connie 'Ma' Sumner, Wally Thomson, H.J. "Tommy" Thomson,Janet

NATAL TECHNICAL COLLEGE SPORTS UNION MERITORIOUS SERVICE AND HONOUR AWARDS Adnams,Colleen Bean, Wayne Bolstridge,Michael Bulley,Alex, R. Bulley,E.M."Doods" Burne,Sandra Burt, Allan Butler, Frank Campbell,Paul Carlson, Eric Coetzer.Derek Colepepper, Rickie Collins, Lyn Collins,Norma (Mrs.) Collins, Roger Collopy, Don Collopy, Linda Coppin, Lynn Crockett,Gavin Curtin, Rodney Daley,Brian Dougall, Robert Duff,Molly Duff, Ronnie Duma s,Anthony Duncan,Jill Duur ing,Carol Edwards,Barry Eisele,Warren Elstob,Peter Fagan, Ralph Frank,Marjorie Galanos, George Grainger,Sam. A.M. Hall,Charles Hambly, George Hambly, lsobel (Mrs.) Hambly, Lynn Harding, F.John Hatfield, Alistair Hatfield, Melanie Hoffmann,Peter

TECH. AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB Natal Technical College Sports Union Meritorious Service and Honour Awards contd. Holmes, Eve Hook,Bruce Hopkins,Derek Jackson,Brenda Jeffries, Anthony Kendrick,Jo·Anne (Mrs.) Kidd,Peter Kitto, Lester Knapp,Gordon Kuhlmey,Cynthia Kuhlmey,Dereck Leppens,Joan (Mrs.) Liepner,Barbara Lindegger,Peter Logan, Lynda Logan,Richard Mackie,Marion Maltby,Margot Martin, Aileen Martin,Beverley Martin,Phyllis (Mrs.) Martin,Tommy A. McGill,Dennis McGregor, Lee McLachlan, M. "Tich" Morrison, Allan Osberg,Oscar Parker,Pam Parker,Toni Pearson,Cheryl Petzer.Maggie Pogir,Marlene Port,Dennis Rawstorne,Shirley Reed,Susan Ricklan, Ernie Robertson,Bobbie (Miss) RodVfell,Herbert "Fish" Rycroft, LesS. Sacks,Peter Samuel,Michael Savage,Cedric Savage,Lou Schaffer,Helen Scotney, Allan "Pop" Scotney,Connie "Ma" Scotney, Bill W.R . Shepstone,Nigel Sichel,Debbie Smethurst,Bernie Smith,Julie Snoep,John Stretch, Ann Sumner,Allan "Buck" Sutherland,Jenny Sutherland, Lynn Tearle,Melanie Terblanche,Gustav Thomson, H.J. "Tommy"· Thomson,Janet (Mrs.) Trevethan,Dianne Trevethan, Robert Vander Buskin, Rita Van Reenen, Joyce Van Reenen, Merle Van Reenen, Owen Vaughan, Glynnis Watson, Anthony Weedon, Gillian West, Jack Zietkiewicz, Bridget

NATAL COLLEGE FOR ADVANCED TECHNICAL EDUCATION'S SPORTS HONOUR AWARDS Bulley, Alex R. Bulley E.M. "Doods" (Mrs.), Bolstridge,Michael Brown.Roy Cochran, Jane Daley, Brian Kendrick, Brenda Krumm, Keith Lona, Derek Martin, Aileen Martin, Beverley Meintjies, Adriaan Port, Dennis Weyers,Gerda

NATAL ASA MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDS Bulley.Alex R.Bulley,E.M. "Doods" (Mrs.) Buck, Charles Buck, Elaine (Mrs.) Collins, Lyn S. Collins,Norma (Mrs.) Collopy,Des Frank,Ivan J. Hambly,George Hambly,lsobel (Mrs.)' Martin,Tommy A. Mclachlan, M. "Tich"

S.A.A.S.U.MERITORIOUS SERVICE AWARDS Bulley, Alex R. Bulley,E.M."Doods" (Mrs.) Bradley,Cecil B. Gracie, Neville C. Harding, F.John Savage,Lou

The Dolphin Trophy

The Dolphin Trophy Scheme was launched on the 1st September 1972. The main aim of the organizers was to encourage every primary school child to learn to swim at least 25 yards/metres, and thus help to cut to an absolute minimum the number of deaths due to drowning.

During the first phase of the scheme it is estimated that 6 367 children were taught to swim more than 25 yards/ metres, and this can be attributed to the co-operation and enthusiasm of all concerned, particularly the teachers. The conditions for the 1974 scheme have been amended by dividing schools into two categories, Group 'A' schools with their own pool and Group '8' schools without a pool.

A national trophy plus a cash prize of R500 will be awarded to the school in each group obtaining the highest percentage of swimmers. Second. third and the next 10 schools in each Group will also be awarded cash prizes ­ R250, R150, and 10 of R50 each.