Public swimming pools

Public swimming pools have played an important part in the development of aquatic sports in southern Africa. Municipalities have been building and maintaining pools since the early 20th century, such as the saltwater pool at Humewood  Beach in 1913. The pools were of varying dimentions, such as the 9 lane Newton Park pool and the Rachael Finalyson Beach Baths which was 100 yeards long, while the Long Street indoor baths 33,3 yards, before being converted to 25 meters. By the 1950's the pools were a mix of lengths, with 55 yards being common. FINA had decreed that world records could only be set in 50 metre or 55 yard length pools by 1957, and by January of 1969 they only recognised records set in 50 metre pools. When Karen Muir broke two world records for the 440 yards Individual Medly in 1969, neither were ever recognised as world records, because FINA would accept records set in 50 metre metric swimming pools. 

Follow the links to some well known municipal swimming pools in South Africa. 

St Georges Park - Port Elizabeth
Sea Point - Cape Town
Long Street - Cape Town
Arthur Nathan - Bloemfontein
Orient Baths - East London
Rachael Finlayson Beach Baths - Durban
Ellis Park - Johannesburg
Hillcrest - Pretoria
Barrow Street Baths - Bulawayo
Les Brown - Salisbury
Newlands - Cape Town
Karen Muir Pool - Kimberley
Newton Park - Port Elizabeth
Stadium Pool - Bloemfontein
Joan Harrison Pools - East London
Kings Park - Durban