Eastern Cape

The sparsely populated coastline from Agulhas to the Natal border at Port St Johns, stretches for about 1200 kilometers. It features long stretches of golden sandy beaches, set between sections of cliffs and deep river gorges - all washed by relatively warm waters of the Agulhas current. Numerous rocky points create small bays and natural rock pools, but few harbours exist  along this coastline.

Beside the major centres at Mosselbaai, Port Elizabeth and East London, there are numerous isolated resort 'towns'. At the western end the Transkei region, which is famous for the huge rogue waves that sometimes occur along the coast.

The first tidal pool along the coast past Agulahs is at the resort town of Witsand, at the mouth of the Breederivier.

150 kilometers further east is the famous gulley known as Blougat, at Mosselbaai. The town is also the first place to be visited by Europeans, when the Portuguese under Vasco da Gama landed here in February 1488.  

The small resort town of Herold's Bay, about 50 kilometers past Mossel Bay, has a tidal pool.

Past the beach at Wilderness lies the resort of Sedgefield, where Charteris Hooper is said to regularly swum the 5 kilometres between Platbank and Gericke's Point, while training for his famous first crossing between Robben Island and Cape Town. The scene at Plettenberg Bay and the famus Super Tubes surf sport atJeffereys Bay below shows why there are few tidal pools along this cost.



Port Elizabeth has a number of tidal pools. From Beachview south of the town to the well known Mc Arthurs Baths in Algoa Bay itself, including the now demolished art deco pools at the Seaview Hotel. The first few tidal pools - Beachview, Seaview and Mangold Pools don't have any photo's online, but the resort at Schoenmakerskop known as The Willows is a longtime PE favourite, seen below. Click here to see more about the Willows. Past The Willows is the campsite at Noordhoek, which has a tidal pool, but seems to abandoned. 

In Port Elizabeth there is a large tidal pool on the site of the old Humewood indoor pool, which was washed away in the 1968 floods. The McArthur's baths tidal pool survives as a popular venue today. Beyond Port Elizabeth it is 150 kilometres of coast line to East London, with resorts towns like Kenton, Port Alfred - and Kidds Beach, whehre the next tidal pool can be seen. 

Kidds Beach

In East London ther are two derelict tidal pools next to the old South African Grand Prix Circuit. North of the Buffalo River, the old Orient Baths still exist in some form.

Orient Baths.

Gonubie beach, just north of East London, has a tidal pool.

Tidal pool at Cintsa beach.

and at the Haga Haga Hotel resort.

The next tidal pool is at Palm Beach in Natal - some 450 kilometers to the north. 


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