False Bay

False Bay begins at Cape Point, and covers the coast to Cape Hangklip. The water is considerably warmer than on the Atlantic side. View the exact locations on the map.

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The fist two tidal pools in this bay are in the Cape Point nature reserve at Buffelsbaai and Bordjiesdrif. Unlike the coastline with its long sandy beaches along the Atlantic side, here the land rises steeply out of the sea, forming cliffs all the way to Muizenberg. Most of the land was privately owned until it became the Cape Point Nature Reserve in 1938, so few settlements developed along the False Bay coast. Past Buffelsbaai, the next tidal pool is at Millers Point - named after Edmund Miller who ran a whaling station from there. 

Millers Point tidal pool


There is a tidal pool at Shelley's Point, but no photo's are available. The next pool is at Glen Cairn, and then at Wooley's in Kalk Bay.

Wooley's in Kalkbaai.

The Brass Bell has its own tidal pools in Kalk Bay. Past the pools in Kalk Bay and St James, the coast flattens out into the Cape Flats, from Muizenberg to Gordon's Bay. 

A little further along the coast is the Dalebrook Tidal Pool in Kalk Bay

St James tidal pool, Kalk Bay

Further up the coast there is a big tidal pool at Strandfontein.

In the Strand has a tidal pool at the Harmony Park resort.

Beyond the beaches of False Bay, the coast becomes vertical again. Cliffs are a feature along the coast to Kleinmond, with a remote but beautiful tidalpool at Kogelbaai - which is popular with Stellenbosch students. Beyond Kogelbaai the coast is dotted with resort towns - like Kleinmond, where Dutch Reform Church dominees were said to go after retirement, and to up-market villaige of Hermanus, to the southern point of Africa at Cape Aghullas. 

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