The development along the north coast of Natal is very different from the south coast, with relatively few towns - and almost no tidal pools. 

At Thompson's Bay in Ballito is tidal pool is known as Charlies Pool. It was built by local sugar farmer Charles de Chamroy in 1962 for the community, and is 350ft long and 100ft wide. 

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The first tidal pool 'from the south is the Ballito Bay pool.

Beyond the Ballito Bay pool is Charlie's pool, and the the tidal pool at Chaka's Rock.

Past Ballito is Salt Rock where sugar magnate built an elaborate tidal pool in 1950, as an added attraction to the Salt Rock Hotel he also established.

Basil Hullett's pool in the 1970's.

Tidal pools of the Salt rock Hotel.

The last tidal pool along the South African coast is at the resort town of Tinley Manor. Past here lies the industrial port town of Richard's Bay, and beyond that the border with Mozambique, where there do not appear to be any tidal swimming pools.. 



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