Southern Cape

From Cape Hangklip, past Agulhas to the border of the Transkei, resort town sprang up as people built holiday homes to use during the hot summer Christmas holidays. Unlike the early colonists at the Cape, these infrequent visitors to the coast usually did not consider tidal pools a necessity, as fishing was the most popular recreational activity in these towns. In some places hotels built tidal pools for their guests, like the furthest tidal pool along the Eastern Cape coast, at the Haga Haga Hotel. 

Past Cape Hangklip the first tidal pool is at the Afrikaans resort town of Onrus. Author Jan Rabie was a famous Kleinmond resident, who is honoured by the naming of the tidal pool - Jan Rabie getypoel.  Beyond Jan Rabie's pool in Onrus is the Davies Pool in the Onrus caravan park. 

Further along the coast is the resort town of Hermanus, with two tidal pools. The Marine Hotel has its own pool, with another know as Fick's Pool bottom.

Past Hermanus is Gansbaai, with a pleasant tidal pool and attached baby pool.

The smaller town of Kleinbaai has its own tidal pool.

Cape Agulhas has a tidal pool, seen with the lighthouse in the background.

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